Interview & Contest: JD Tyler

Jen: Readers, please give JD Tyler a warm welcome as she visits Romancing the Book for the first time. JD, will you share a short bio with us?
JD: First of all, thank you for having me here today! I’ve been published for 6 years, and I write for New American Library as J.D. Tyler and Jo Davis. J.D. writes dark paranormal romance (the Alpha Pack series) and Jo writes contemporary romance and romantic suspense (The Firefighters of Station Five and Sugarland Blue). My first realease as J.D. Tyler, PRIMAL LAW (Alpha Pack #1) won the National Readers Choice Award for paranormal. I enjoy what I do, and I feel very fortunate to be an author.

Online, you can find JD at:  Website | Facebook | Twitter
And Jo at:  Website | Facebook | Twitter

Jen: Tell us about Black Moon and the Alpha Pack series.
JD: The Alpha Pack is a team of black ops shifters who battle the world’s most dangerous human and non-human predators to keep citizens safe. They can be sent anywhere on a moment’s notice. They are the ultimate heroic male animal.

I knew I wanted my team of shifters to have a military background for the types of dangerous situations they would find themselves dealing with. They needed to possess certain real-life skills sets, such as being able to dismantle a bomb, fly a Huey, do recon, etc. They couldn’t do those things if they’d held regular Joe Citizen jobs before being turned. I picked Navy SEALs in particular because the training they have to successfully complete to join that unit is among the toughest around. These guys are BADASS. I wanted that heroic portrait for my Pack guys.

Kalen Black joined the Alpha Pack team in book 1, PRIMAL LAW. He’s a lost soul who was thrown out of his house at age 14, and has survived on the streets ever since. In BLACK MOON, he’s battling the evil Unseelie Malik for control of his mind, and trying to protect Mackenzie Grant, the woman he loves, from Malik as well as himself. Here’s the blurb:

A group of former Navy SEALS, the Alpha Pack is a top-secret team of wolf shifters with Psy powers combating the greatest dangers in the world. But sometime those dangers are more intimate than they bargained for…

Ever since he saved Dr. Mackenzie Grant’s life, panther shifter and sorcerer Kalen Black has had trouble keeping the beautiful doctor out of his thoughts, and his heart. The brush with death awakened an intense passion between them—one that for the first time had the notorious loner letting down his guard.

With the Alpha Pack battling an evil Fae who is slowly gaining control over Kalen’s mind, Kalen can no longer trust his own actions, and he breaks off his affair with Mackenzie in order to keep her safe. But when Mackenzie learns that she is carrying Kalen’s child, no amount of danger will keep her away from the man she loves. To be with his mate and unborn child, Kalen will have to unleash the full fury of his power, and risk destroying them all…

Jen: Are there any other writers, published or not, in your family?
JD: My daughter is an excellent writer with a vivid imagination, but I’m not sure she has the “calling” to pursue being a published author. She’s plenty talented and could be an author if she wanted. Like anything, though, the drive to do it has to be there or it won’t work. There are no other authors in my family. I’m the oddball!

Jen: Do you have any “must haves” with you while you’re writing?
JD: In the morning, I must have my coffee next to me, ready to give me that jolt into waking up and facing the day. The rest of the day, I’m flexible!

Jen: If Black Moon was made into a movie, which actors would you cast as the main characters?
JD: For Kalen, I’d have to go with Criss Angel. (Yes, he’s strange, but YUM!) For Mackenzie, I’d need a brunette girl-next-door type in looks, but smart and strong. Anyone have any ideas on the actress?

Jen: What’s next for you?
JD: Next up in the series is HUNTER’S HEART, the 4th installment in the Alpha Pack series. (Due to be released in late summer/fall 2013) This is Ryon Hunter’s story, and while I don’t have back cover copy yet to share, I can tell readers that 1) A big secret will be revealed involving the Alpha Pack, regarding a question posed back in PRIMAL LAW and 2) this is a “predator” story. It explores the question—what if one of Malik’s and Dr. Gene Bowman’s test subjects, an innocent human man, was an experiment gone wrong and accidentally got unleashed on the world when the labs were destroyed? Can Ryon, Ryon’s mate Daria, and the Pack save this man inside the creature? They’d better hope so. Because the most dangerous predator is the one you can’t see coming…

In spring of 2013, my Sugarland Blue series that centers on the Sugarland, Tennessee Police Department (written as Jo Davis) launches with the novella ARMED AND DANGEROUS in April. The next month, in May 2013 is the first book, SWORN TO PROTECT. Both the novella and full-length book feature the popular Detective Shane Ford, who first appeared in my Firefighters of Station Five series!

After that, I have two more books under contract—the 5th Alpha Pack book, character and story to be announced, and the 2nd Sugarland Blue book, tentative title HOT PURSUIT (could change). HOT PURSUIT is slated to be Detective Taylor Kayne’s story. Taylor is Shane’s sexy, wisecracking partner in Homicide.

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  1. miki says:

    what an hard questions… i don’t know the name of the actors in general…. perhaps cecile de France

    thank you a lot for this new opportunity to win ^^

  2. Elizabeth H. says:

    ME!! LOL! Okay so I’m not THAT girl-next-door-type but I am a brunette! I don’t know any of the current young stars but I’d probably say Anne Hathaway or Mandy Moore. Thanks for the chance to win a book from this great series!!!

  3. Linda says:

    I´d like to see Kristin Kreuk as her. Great looks, smarts and capable. =)
    Thanks for the giveaway & Happy Wednesday!

  4. AmieeRyan says:

    oh tough question, i think Alexis Bledel from Gilmore Girls would be good to play Mackenzie 🙂 Thanks for the giveaway and interview only 2 days left in the blog tour already 🙁


  5. gamistress66 says:

    alas, I’m even worse about actresses than I am actors so sorry, can’t help with prelim casting 🙁 the series & book both sound pretty interesting, not sure how I’ve missed it before. love the cover — he’s just yummy.

  6. June M. says:

    I totally suck at picking actresses/actors, probably because I don’t watch a lot of TV. She would probably be too old but I have always like Angelina Jolie.

  7. Beckey says:

    Sorry Clueless on a name of actress to assist in answering that question (I attempted to watch the twightlight movie with my daughters and well lets just say that captivated about 5 mins of my attention then I found myself in the hallway of the movie theater with my iPad in hand reading- I rather read than watch a movie true be told) …

    Happy Holidays


  8. Beckey says:

    Sorry Clueless on a name of actress to assist in answering that question (I attempted to watch the twightlight movie with my daughters and well lets just say that captivated about 5 mins of my attention then I found myself in the hallway of the movie theater with my iPad in hand reading- I rather read than watch a movie true be told) …

    Happy Holidays 🙂


  9. DANIELA says:

    When I first read the question I thought of Jennifer Garner, but she has already been named. Maybe Nina Dobrev?

  10. Johanna Jochum says:

    I like Katherine Heigal. Think I spelled that wrong! Lol! She can play a brunette plus she’s funny, smart snd strong.

  11. Texas Book Lover says:

    I rarely see movies and am absolutely terrible with names so I really have absolutely no clue.

    Thanks so much!

  12. Raonaid Luckwell says:

    Natalie Portman <– Really like her..
    Rachel Weisz – She played in The Mummy movies. I love her as an actress really

  13. Michelle Fidler says:

    Emily Blunt. The last movie I saw her in was The Adjustment Bureau. I also watched her in The Young Victoria and I think she was in The Wolfman.

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