Review: Darkest Highlander by Donna Grant

Darkest Highlander by Donna Grant
Series: Dark Sword (# 6)
Release Date: January 31, 2012
Publisher:  St. Martin’s Press
Pages: 321
Source:  Publisher

In the acclaimed Dark Sword series, the darkest, fiercest warriors of Scottish legend finally meet their match—in the brave, fiery hearts of the women they cherish…

For years, Broc has watched over her, protected her—and hidden his love for her. But when his beautiful Sonya, finds herself in a hopeless situation, the Highlander flies to her side to save her. Unfortunately, before the Druidess can thank him, Broc is captured by his enemy and destined for eternal pain…

Sonya vows to help her noble warrior, though he is imprisoned in a mountain of pure evil—bound in chains of the darkest magic. With Sonya’s own magic fading, she must summon the greatest power of all to save the man she loves. But even if these two hearts are united, will they be strong enough to defeat the heart of darkness? Or will their undying love doom them for all eternity…?


Review:  If it weren’t for the fact that I had read Midnight Master (book one in the Dark Warrior series and picks up where this book left off) I would have been completely lost with this story. However, Donna Grant has created a group of Highlander Warriors that manage to pull you into the story, regardless of whether or not you understand what’s happening.

I liked Broc and Sonya, but of the two, Broc was my favorite. Broc was a man who spent many, many years as a prisoner of Deirdre and felt he was tainted by her evil. His actions with helping the MacLeod’s may demonstrate how he’s siding with good, but he can’t see past what he was forced to do while under Deirdre’s control. It takes Sonya to make Broc see past what has been done to what might be and see understand, at his core, he is a worthy man. Sonya’s strong enough to stand up to Broc and confident enough in him to encourage his loss of control when he needs to and know he won’t hurt those he cares for.

I enjoyed the romance between Broc and Sonya. While their romance wasn’t one that evoked strong emotional responses, it was sweet, sexy and perfect for them.

This was an enjoyable read that will keep you entertained for a few hours. However, I will strongly recommend that the series be read in order to avoid any confusion.