Interview & Contest: Keri Ford

Jen: Today we are excited to welcome Keri Ford to Romancing the Book. Keri, please tell me about your newest release.
Keri: Rough Tumble is the last book in Apple Trail, Arkansas. This will make for nine stories set in that small town. It’s a friends to lovers romance that I hope everyone will enjoy. Here’s the blurb:

Having her fiancé admit through email that he married another girl while away was humiliating enough. Telling the small town the truth was something Tonya just couldn’t face yet. With him in the military, it seemed easy to let everyone think they were still together. Just for a little while. Fast-forward through time a few months and Tonya’s restless, lonely, and unsure how to fix her lie. To add to that, she’s finding her best friend, Trent Iverson, more and more attractive.

When Tonya confesses the truth, Trent feels like his life is finally on the right path. Everything is smooth sailing until old fears that makes him controlling surface. He has to face the mirror and see his controlling ways if he wants to keep Tonya.

Jen: Who has inspired you as an author?
Keri: A lot, really. Authors, movies, TV, music. It’s a big combination that has pointed me into what I’m writing.

Jen: What is the most interesting comment you’ve received about one of your books?
Keri: I’ll go with one I got recently. A reader emailed to say they’d picked up my recent mystery release, In Her Sights. They’d never read a “big book” before, just short things. After finishing mine, he immediately grabbed another longer length book. I found that so flattering because that’s basically how I started reading. I was an adult and just came across something that sounded interesting!

Jen: What is the most challenging aspect of writing? Easiest? Most rewarding?
Keri: Sometimes it seems like finding the time—which is crazy! My kid started kindergarten this year so I realistically have seven hour of complete free time to write. Should be enough, right? I don’t think it’ll ever be enough!

For the easiest, writing that first draft. I throw on my headphones and just go with it. It’s complete fun times and all about trying to get the story down.

The rewarding part is definitely turning in the book. Rather it’s the first time or after the third round of edits or after the very last time I’ll ever turn the book in, there’s just something about that. It’s just being finished with what I needed to do.

Jen: What’s next for you?
Keri: I have 3 scheduled mystery releases under my pen name, Charley Colins coming up in 2013! I just got my first cover in that new series, Taken By Trouble.

And then I’m working on a full length contemporary romance series I’m really excited about. A lot of readers have wanted to see me in full length and I’m hoping I’ll have something for them soon.

Jen: Please share a bio and let us know where we can find you online.
Keri: Keri Ford was raised in South Arkansas on a farm surrounded by family, horses, cows, donkeys, ostriches, emus, chickens, ducks, Canadian Geese, and enough dogs one would think they were a pound…and then she bought a Cosmopolitan when she was twenty-two. She doesn’t recall the fantastic sex tip that drew her to the magazine, but she vividly remembers reading an excerpt of Christina’s Skye’s Code Name: Princess. One elevator scene and quick thought of, I didn’t know people wrote stuff like this… and her life would never be the same.

My website is the easiest place to find me with all my updated information:

Website | Twitter | Facebook

And more recently, I started a newsletter. Look for coupons, excerpts, first look at covers and news will all go there!



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20 thoughts on “Interview & Contest: Keri Ford

  1. Sarah says:

    This question would have been much easier to answer about 35 years ago. LOL 🙂 Most likely the Little Engine that Could. Okay, all teasing aside, one of the first romance novels I ever read would have been Tender Rebel by Johanna Lindsey. Love the Mallory series.

    • Ha! I read the Little Engine that Could to son! I love the Mallory books! I have the first 6 (or 8?). I’ve read them 3 or 4 times each. I’m behind on the Mallory’s children’s books.

  2. Crystal B says:

    I still have the book. Its about 30 years old now but My Mom kept it because it was my very favorite book. It’s called My Goodnight Book.

  3. Erica Pillera says:

    The first book I remember reading would have to be Janeys Diary Mary Hooper anything beyond that is anyones guess. Still love it though have an old worn copy on my bookshelf.

    • that’s wonderful, Erica! I have copies of Islands of the Blue Dolphin and The Hatchet. I dont’ remember much about the books, but I remember having to read every page. They’re completely worn and I can’t get rid of them

      And of course, Tales of a 4th Grade Nothing–which I love!

  4. erinf1 says:

    Sounds fantastic! Congrats to Keri on the newest release! Man… I think it was Little House on the Prairie? (at least this is the first book I remember reading and loving)

  5. Kathleen O'Donnell says:

    The first book I remember reading is the Babar The Elephant series of books. And also the Pippie Longstocking books… I think that is pretty good for 40 odd years back..

    • Sam I am! I think this must have been a favorite of my older sister. I’m not sure. I don’t remember reading it much, but it’s always just been in the back of my mind like it lived there.

  6. Beckey says:

    I think I am like most commentees so far (that was eons ago, like thirty or so years in the past, I am extremely lucky if I know what I did last week let alone last night) …
    I know from stories that my dad told me that I loved Dr Suess books as kid..
    I can also tell you it was Harlequin books that I first picked up my love of romance novels and it has expanded greatly since then …
    Above and beyond that I need a DeLorean for more info (sorry)

  7. Cathy V. says:

    Harold and the Purple Crayon. I loved that book and still do! I give it to the little ones in my life. Some fall in love with the story like I did 🙂

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