Review: Wynter’s Blossom by Elle D Hayes

Wynter’s Blossom by Elle D Hayes
Series: The Unity Pack (# 1)
Release Date: November 27, 2011
Publisher:  Beautiful Trouble Publishing
Pages: 206
Source:  Publisher

Once considered a lone wolf, Wynter Grey is now Alpha to an all-male band of former loners called Unity Pack. Each hand-picked male is willing to do whatever it takes to protect their new pack and the life they’ve worked so hard to achieve. The only thing missing are mates to share their lives with.

Sarah Eriksson was raised by a werewolf, but a vicious attack by one of her father’s own kind leaves scars that are hard to see and even harder to heal. To protect her child, she will have to face her fears and trust in the only man who can heal her wounds: her new Alpha.

As they make the journey from mistrust to love, Wyn and Sarah’s relationship is threatened by danger from an old enemy. Will Wyn be able to protect the woman destined to be his, or will fear and doubts keep her from becoming Wynter’s Blossom?


Review: One of the things I absolutely adore about this book is the fact that the Unity Pack is not like your traditional werewolf pack…

This story begins when the daughters of the warrior legend, Gaillon Eriksson, contact Alpha, Wynter Grey, asking for admission into the Unity Pack after their father died suddenly.  Wyn is immediately affected when he learns the details as to why the sisters are seeking the protection of the Unity Pack. Shiloh explains that her sister, Sarah (who is human), was attacked and raped by a rouge werewolf. This attack led to the birth of Summer and now the sisters fear the attacker will return.

Wyn agrees to welcome Sarah, Shiloh, and Summer into the pack. He soon learns that Shiloh is a natural born enforcer. She seems to have been well trained by her father.  Sarah, on the other hand, seems very timid and almost frightened of werewolves. Wyn’s inner wolf is instantly attracted to Sarah. He knows she is his mate, his Alphaya. His heart also melts when he connects with tiny baby Summer.  As the ladies settle into their new home at Unity Pack, it is apparent to Wyn that he has a lot of work to do to turn the scared Sarah into his mate. He gets her to open up by getting her involved with the pack when he announces that she is the temporary Alphaya.  Soon Wyn and Sarah give in to their animal attraction and the steamy scenes had me in a stir! There is nothing hotter than a woman getting devoured (in a good way) by a hot and sexy werewolf- especially when she is still a bit afraid to open up! It is fireworks when Wyn and Sarah finally give in!

I loved this book because I immediately fell in love with the characters. I found myself saddened by the tragic attack on Sarah that left her scared of werewolves. Generally, I do not relate very well to the damsel in distress or the weak female character. As the book goes on, author Elle Hayes does a wonderful job of developing her character as she emerges from the broken shell of an attacked woman.

I also loved the non-traditional practices of the Unity Pack such as accepting a human member and the fact that a woman was allowed to train and eventually become an “enforcer”.  This story was a quick read – quick only because I was not able to put it down! I was left anticipating the next chapter, waiting to see if Wyn could protect his new family, and of course awaiting for the next hot scene!

Elle Hayes also developed many of the other characters in the book which left me anticipating the next book in this series! I felt she did a great job of empowering women that normally do not take leadership roles in wolf packs. It was very hot and steamy, easy to read and well written. I definitely cannot wait to read the next book in this Unity Series!



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    What a fabulous review…of course, we are biased and think Wynter’s Blossom is a fabulous book! Grin.

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