Review: Vampire Fire by Storm Savage

Vampire Fire by Storm Savage
Series: Light Angels (# 6)
Release Date: August 1, 2012
Publisher:  eXtasy Books
Pages: 84
Source:  Publisher

Zoe’s secret is out and she must learn to control her fiery gift-a peculiar phenomenon that she tried to hide. Her vampire lovers crave her hot blood and even hotter love-making. They embrace the intense heat in her soul while protecting their mate.

Unfortunately, some clan members don’t share Booker’s and Rider’s enthusiasm. Jealously over her supernatural appeal to all male vampires leads to treacherous acts. And one of Guardian Force’s leaders is left with no choice but to take drastic action.

This shocking story reveals the good, the bad and the ugly of two vampire sects as they go head-to-head. Zoe discovers that no one is above reproach and those left standing must change their ways in order to survive.


Review:When I decided to read this book I didn’t know that I was starting with the sixth one in the series but I really enjoyed it anyway.  Yes, I thought that I was missing some of Zoe’s back story and was just a little lost but I came in at a great part anyway. I enjoyed the opening of the story with hot sex on the back of a Harley. I couldn’t have picked a better opening!

I really want to have Zoe’s power for myself.   I could imagine having fire coming out of my fingers and learning to control it so that I didn’t catch everything on fire!  I love the relationship that Zoe, Rider, and Booker have. I know that it takes a lot to make a relationship like that work. Especially with Rider and Booker being brothers, and vampires, at that. There is a little tension because Rider’s twin brother wants Zoe to.  There was only one menage scene in this book. It was a pretty hot one and I’m still feeling the effects.

The overall story is about light and darkness. It teaches you that no matter what anyone has done to you that you need to not take revenge. Love and forgiveness is the answer.  I’m going to go get the other five books and read them and hope that this isn’t the last in the series. I felt that there was a little something else that needed to be told.



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  1. Maria D. says:

    Thanks for the review! I’ll have to look this series up – sounds like an interesting twist on the vampire powers

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