Review: Twelve Strokes by Elayne S. Venton

Twelve Strokes by Elayne S. Venton
Series: Forever Wicked (# 4)
Release Date: June 22, 2012
Publisher:  Changeling Press, LLC
Pages: 92
Source:  Publisher

Marry the frivolous prince? No! The quiet yet strong-willed Ella Duvaux would much rather stay in her tiny room where she can dream of erotic games of submission with a hero like the mysterious jouster known only as the Shadow Knight. If she can’t convince one of her equally reluctant stepsisters to marry the prince, she’ll lose her home and her dreams.

Prince Philip needs a wife with a big dowry to save the indebted kingdom. The lady he wants, the demure yet privately wicked Lady Ella, has no dowry and no interest in him. Is winning her over worth the risk to himself and the monarchy?


Review:  An erotic Cinderella spin that will blow your mind.

Ella is in charge of the estate and takes care of all the problems that goes wrong. She can’t stand her stepmother and didn’t like her stepsisters. Now, her stepsisters are her friends. Whenever she has a free moment in her life, she thinks erotic dreams about the Shadow Knight. Philip has some secrets of his own and does his best to keep people from guessing the truth. Everyone believes that he is weak and doesn’t have a very good mind. There are things that are going on in his kingdom and he needs to stop the ones involved.  When Ella is caught by the prince and put in the tower in the castle, all her fantasies start coming to life. She starts to figure out that there is more to the prince then she could’ve ever imagined.

In this book there is a lot of tying up and flogging and it’s the BDSM fairy tale of every women’s fantasies. It’s Cinderella with a spin and will make you wanting more. I usually don’t like to take something that I enjoyed as a child and put it into more of an adult point of view, but the author did an amazing job turning this story into something sexual. It makes you think of the story that you heard when you were little but only much better! Who would’ve ever thought that Cinderella had such a dirty side and that the prince would be the one dishing out the punishment?

There are more secrets  in the book, but I’m not giving any of them away. I had a great time reading this little novella. Maybe fairy tales do come true after all.