Review: Phoenix Kiss by Lyric James

Phoenix Kiss by Lyric James
Release Date: December 30, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 82
Source:  Publisher

Layla Martin makes her living exposing all the wicked little secrets of the rich and famous. Exposing Jordan Gaines, the mysterious millionaire, is exactly the break she needs.Jordan has spent his entire life protecting a dark secret—he’s a phoenix shapeshifter, one of the last of his kind. When he finds Layla hiding in his home after he shifts, he offers her a deal—he won’t call the police if she spends one night in his bed.Layla believes she’s stumbled onto the story of a lifetime. Jordan thinks sleeping with Layla will discredit any exposé she plans to write. Neither expects the hours of unrelenting, primitive passion, the fast bond that forms between them or their fierce desire to keep the night from coming to an end.


Review:  Hot, Sexy and fun… Phoenix Kiss by Lyric James was a grabber that kept me hanging on from beginning to end. A lot can happen in twenty four hours as we find in the Phoenix Kiss.

I have always been fascinated with the elusiveness of the Phoenix. Lyric James doesn’t disappoint in keeping this mythical creature somewhat of a mystery. Who wouldn’t want to trade places with reporter Layla as she goes in search of the story of a lifetime in uncovering the secrets of a millionaire? Doesn’t everyone have a right to privacy? Especially one with secrets like Jordan is harboring.

Finding out that the mythical Phoenix is real would be awesome. They are such breathtaking creatures as Lyric James describes their  fiery glow and changing hues as Jordan shifts to human form. Simply beautiful and I was a believer.

The sex scenes were steamy, yet suggestive, leaving much to the imagination. I found the hot passionate sex described without actual kissing was subtle, yet somewhat fascinating; very sensual. This was quite refreshing.  Now I wonder, where I can find my own Phoenix?

A great lunchtime read or perhaps you just may want to wait till you are alone as I am sure you too will want to lust for your own Phoenix.



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