Review: Lessons in Loving a Laird by Michelle Marcos

Lessons in Loving a Laird by Michelle Marcos
Release Date: February 28, 2012
Publisher:  St. Martins Paperbacks
Pages: 310
Source:  Publisher

A Defiant Apprentice…

Thrust into the indentured servitude as a child, Shona Slayter is counting the days until her twenty-first birthday, when she gains her precious freedom. Unfortunately, the new laird of the estate has other plans–and he’s determined to keep her bound to him. The only way for Shona to be free of her bonds is to marry the man who holds the key. But seducing a handsome laird is not what she was trained for, and the more she tries to win his heart, the more she loses hers.

A Hard Master…

With a young son to raise and a crumbling Scottish estate to manage, Conall has enough to worry about without the brazen, beautiful Shona challenging him at every turn. But their heated spats are starting to turn into real sparks… and soon the Scottish hills are ablaze with their forbidden attraction. Yet no matter what Shona is willing to do to buy her freedom, Connall has no intention of letting her go.


Review:  I’ve never read a book by Michelle Marcos before, but one of my very favorite authors gave her an AMAZING review so I knew it had to be awesome. I’m happy to say I was not disappointed. There’s something magical about Highlander books.

We were immediately thrown into Shona’s life as a little girl as she watches the murder of her family and is left with her little sister. Through a series of events they find themselves living with a decent family as glorified servants. But emotional scars aren’t the only thing they carry.  They are marked for the world to see, in more ways than one.

Shona’s character was immediately flushed out as a very strong female lead. She doesn’t cower in the corner and speaks her mind regardless of what the consequences may be. In fact, her outspokenness is what gets her and her sister jobs at the new estate, with Conall, an English Laird as their master.  She has an instant dislike and attraction for Conall. He’s handsome, but very stern and tells her she’s going to earn her keep by milking the cows, while her sister becomes the nanny.

Jealousy flairs until Shona soon proves her worth at estate management which forces Conall to spend endless hours with her. Conall is instantly attracted to Shona because of her spirit, but soon their attraction turns into something much more dangerous. I liked the flow of their love story. The progression made sense, it wasn’t this sex crazed immediate thing. It was almost like the author made it so that the two characters were able to court before the feelings were made known, which as a reader, I really appreciated.

If I was to complain about one thing in this book,  it would probably be that the female lead became somewhat tiresome. I get why Shona is the way she is but in the end I felt like her character was almost too overbearing.

All in all it was a wonderful romantic story with very little swearing and mild sensuality.