Review: Gambler’s Moon by Debra Doggett

Gambler’s Moon by Debra Doggett
Release Date: August 23, 2011
Publisher:  Wild Rose Press
Pages: 110
Source:  Publisher

Vampire Gates McHenry has waited eighty years for a chance at sexy shapeshifter Ava Harper.

When she stalks into his bar armed with a wolf trap and a nasty attitude, he knows the time has come to deal himself into the game. But the stakes are higher than any he’s ever faced. Someone or something has taken an interest in Ava. A deadly interest.

If Gates can call the enemy’s bluff and keep Ava from staking him in the process, the ultimate gamble may be just the move to win Ava’s heart forever.


Review:  There is nothing that gets under your skin like lusting because after that you feel that you can’t live without it!

For a short story, this one has what you want in a paranormal romance with bits of wit and humor to spice it up. The character dialog is wonderfully written, and the personalities are well developed for a short story.  I laughed out loud many times. Ava and Gates are both strong willed and just stubborn enough to make this a great story!

This is one of those quickie reads that I would love to have a full length book just to see more between the main characters!