Review: Fate’s Embrace by Tracey H. Kitts

Fate’s Embrace by Tracey H. Kitts
Release Date: June 24, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 105
Source:  Publisher

Raina’s spell accidentally awakens her guardian wizard, Aleric, who has been preserved as a statue for three hundred years. He brings with him a hot body, great sex and enough magical knowledge to protect Raina from the danger she’s facing. She thinks that danger is Michael, the alpha werewolf who wants this sexy witch as a mate. But she might be wrong. Especially when both Aleric and Michael let her know they don’t object to sharing. Between a hot wizard, a talking snake, a werewolf- and an evil mage out to steal her soul – Raina has her hands full.


Review:  Fate’s Embrace is a book about paranormal characters and starts out with Aleric being a naked statue in Raina’s house. It has been passed down to every generation so when the statue all of a sudden disappears, Raina has no idea what to do.  When she starts dreaming about her statue in human form she knows something is going on.

I enjoyed reading this book. I  never would of thought about putting so many different characters together. You have Raina who is a witch, Aleric who is a wizard, Michael who is a werewolf, and Percy is a six foot long snake.  Snakes scare me and I could never have one as a pet, yet, when I started reading about Percy, I really liked him. His personality is so funny. He talks and doesn’t really care if he freaks anyone out or not. He’s the comic relief in the book.  All of the characters have a strong personality and when you put them together you have a wonderful story.

Fate’s Embrace isn’t really a big erotic book but it’s more than just romance. There is one menage scene when all the characters are involved, except for the snake.  So, when you read this story, don’t be looking for all out sexual fantasy.   The only thing I didn’t understand about this book was how Aleric got his wings and why Percy was turned into a snake.

I had a great time reading this story and uncovering the mystery that was going on and know that if I had a werewolf and a wizard at my disposal that I would greatly enjoy every minute of it too!