Review: Enchanting The Lady by Kathryne Kennedy

Enchanting The Lady by Kathryne Kennedy
Series: The Relics of Merlin
Release Date: August 1, 2012 (reprint)
Publisher:  Sourcebooks Casablanca
Pages: 320
Source:  Publisher


In a Victorian England, with a rigid hierarchy of magic, lion shapeshifter Sir Terence Blackwell is at the bottom rung of society. Only Lady Felicity Seymour, who has no magic, no inheritance, and no prospects, may be willing to judge the man strictly on his own merits…


When family pressures push Lady Felicity into a terrible fate, she has only Sir Terence to turn to. As the two outcasts are propelled by circumstances beyond their control, they are forced to explore the unseen depths beneath society’s facade. And what they discover about each other is more beautiful than they ever could have imagined…


Review:  Enchanting The Lady is a magical story and I’m trying to come up with words to do justice to such a wonderful book. While it took me a little bit to get into the story than I thought it would, once the story picked up, that was all it took.

There were so many enchanting things going on in this story. I loved how the author described every detail and made it very easy to imagine what was being said in the book.  Oh, to be able to have the magical ability to conjure anything that anyone’s imagination could come up with. To be able to look at water and see a dragon come up and fly around and have fire coming from it.  *swoon*

I would love to meet Terence and see him as he shifts into a lion. I just imagine him running from rooftop to rooftop.  I could see myself turning into a lion and leaping into the air, feel the air running through my hair, feeling free.  Since magic has no effect on Terence, his job is to find the relics that Merlin hid. Relics are evil and need to be found before they get into the wrong hands. Terence senses the relic’s powers on Felicity and vows to get to the truth.

I felt so sorry for Felicity. I couldn’t imagine going through life knowing that I was supposed to have magic and wasn’t gifted with it. To know that my title and everything that went with it would be forever lost to me. To have people sit on me and run into me because they couldn’t see me.

Felicity and Terence made a great couple and what started as a flirtation ended up being more. The more time that they spent with each other, the more that Terence forgot why he was courting her in the first place. They both are social outcast since she has no magic and he is a were shifter.

I would recommend this book to everyone who loves fantasy and a great romance. You will be taken on a magical fantasy adventure. If you want to find out if Terence chooses love, the relic, or finds a way to get both, you will have to read Enchanting The Lady.