Review: Dinners with Mr. Danville by Kate Dolan

Dinners with Mr. Danville by Kate Dolan
Series: Love and Lunacy series (#4)
Release Date: November 23, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 55
Source:  Publisher

Love is the delusion of fools. Helen has watched the illogical emotion turn her sister into a mindless mooncalf who ruins Christmas every year by descending on the household with her husband and an ever-growing menagerie of disruptive children. So when her sister has the nerve to suggest that Helen is in love with her neighbor, Mr. Danville, Helen sets out to prove her wrong. But Helen isn’t prepared for the truth—and, as it turns out, neither is Mr. Danville.


Review:   This book was very short – only 55 pages. There wasn’t a well developed storyline and the Wednesday night dinners initially took the main stage. There were too many characters for a book this short so everyone was shortchanged due to the lack of character and plot development.

I didn’t really feel anything while reading this book since I didn’t feel any connections to the characters. The premise of Helen being a scientist in the days when this book was placed did not sit well with Mr. Danville at all but the book ended with promises of a happy ending. It would have been nice to see where the author went with the storyline rather than leave it to the reader’s imagination unless there’s another book in the series that will address that.

This was book 4 in the series and not having read books 1 – 3 I would give them a try just to see if there were connections to this story and if the characters had been developed better in an earlier book.

Favorite Quote:“The subject of the experiments is not the problem.” Mr. Danville’s words no longer sounded nervous, but clipped and angry. “It is that they are, as you say, Miss Wright’s own work, not yours.”
“Because her work is not interesting.”
“Because her work is not yours. You deceived me, Mr. Wright, you and your sister and your father as well.”…