Review: Collective Memory by Tielle St. Clare

Collective Memory by Tielle St. Clare
Release Date: June 1, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 224
Source:  Publisher

For Cayl, coming to Earth and taking on a masculine Earthly form is less than convenient. These human senses are distracting and clearly the reason humankind hasn’t progressed. For Devin, escorting Cayl through his first day on Earth is just part of the job…until she discovers the bad guy they’re chasing is hiding out in a notorious sex club. Enter Mace. He’s willing to help out and allow them access to the club. After all, Devin and Cayl are two of the sexiest people he’s met, even if Cayl does sound like a Sci-Fi convention reject. Mace is more than willing to play along with Cayl’s “innocent” act, even though he wants to devour them both. But there’s a dangerous alien on the loose and Cayl’s rethinking his opinion on human senses. Suddenly he finds it quite intriguing to see, taste…and touch.


Review:  This is a really spicy erotic read and I can’t believe that my kindle didn’t catch on fire…

Cayl is an alien that is sent to Earth to capture an evil alien that could destroy Earth. He doesn’t have time for anything that is associated with humans. All that changes when Devin has to call in a favor to Mace to get into the members only sex club.  When Cayl, Devin, and Mace go into the club and Cayl sees everything that is going on in front of his eyes his senses start coming alive. He decides to play along all  in the name of experimentation.  I thought about if I was an alien and came to Earth – what would I do with all of these new senses and how would I take everything in? To feel a human touch for the first time and experience sexual fulfillment for the first time – yes, I would be a sex maniac.

I will warn you that some of the hottest scenes are in the club. This is a menage that deals with a M/F/M relationship. It also has some BDSM in it.  Other  scenes  just have either M/M and M/F. I’m not usually one that reads stories that deals with the same sex yet I can honestly say that I truly enjoyed this book.  The sex scenes are pretty graphic.  *smoking hot*

I  just loved reading this book. I never know what I’m getting myself into until I start reading and that just gets my imagination going. It’s not just about the sex  – there’s a really good story line in this book with an added touch of suspense and adventure.  This book isn’t for everyone. It’s a little different with hot alien sex. Take a chance and discover your wild side to find out if Cayl uses what he’s experienced for himself or as a collective memory when he returns home.



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  1. wyndwhisper says:

    sounds like a wonderful book and i love the cover. it is gorgeous. i love erotic romance with the sci-fi/paranormal twist to them. i think it makes them more exciting.

    tammy ramey

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