Review: Christmas In Cuffs by Jodi Olson

Christmas In Cuffs by Jodi Olson
Release Date: October 4, 2011
Publisher: Romance Divine LLC
Pages: 40
Source: Author



Debbie Langston was older than the handsome young policeman, Brian, in the apartment below her. And she had more curves than the waifs she occasionally saw him with. But that didn’t stop her from wanting him-and his roommate Jason as well. Debbie had dreams and fantasies, involving two men, and some kinky bondage. When her roommates go away for the holidays will Debbie have a Christmas in cuffs?


Review: If you’re looking for a hot Christmas menage then this is the book for you.

Debbie has had the hots for her neighbors since they moved in but doesn’t do anything about it. She has everything Brian does down to the last minute. Like when he takes a shower in the mornings. Since I brought up the shower scene this is how they met.

When Brian takes a shower Debbie goes to the bathroom and has two vibrators that she uses. Since he lives in the apartment under her she just listens to him and pretends it’s him instead of toys. What happens to her would be a really big embarrassment to me. She screams his name while she has the biggest orgasm of her life and then falls on the floor. Next thing she knows. She looks up and Brian is standing over her with just a towel.

After Brian leaves her apartment then she just wants to die. Well when they finally all three get together everything goes wild. This would be the best Christmas of my life. Having hot sex with two younger men. This Christmas there will be more than just the plain sex. There will be sex up against the wall. out on the balcony, using cuffs and blindfolds. Made me hot just reading about it.

So if you love hot spicy menage romances then this is the book for you. Just read and let your imagination run wild.






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