Review: Carrie’s Answer by Sierra & VJ Summers

Carrie’s Answer by Sierra & VJ Summers
Series: Corporate Affairs (# 1)
Release Date: August 26, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 149
Source:  Publisher

That’s all Marcus Worthington asks of his assistant Carrie Anderson when she resigns. One weekend to teach her the pleasures of dominance and submission, to satisfy his never-ending craving for her and to get her out of his system. Then he’ll let her go. Two days. That’s all Marcus has promised Carrie. But as he pushes her past the limits of pleasure and satisfies her darkest desires, she knows two days will never be enough.

Publisher’s Note: This story was previously published elsewhere and has been revised for Ellora’s Cave.

Reader Advisory: Carrie’s Answer contains a ménage scene with two insanely hot men, a Big Beautiful heroine, and elements so scorching you’ll need a cold shower to recover.


Review:  I was completely blown away! I loved this book. I was just so amazed and impressed with how much of a connection I had to the characters in this book. I will admit it did start when the hero mentioned looking across at Windsor, ON from the Detroit river front. I’m from Windsor, ON so I felt an instant connection to the characters but also the authors. I have been to most of the locations they talked about in the book.

Marcus, as the hero, was everything you want in a dom. He was strong but yet soft at the same. He just needed Carried to figure out what he really needed in life. Carrie may look innocent but she really is not. They were the right mix of spicy and sweet. I was enchanted by their love story. It made me enjoy their uber hot sex scenes even more.

Often when I’m reading books about the BDSM world I find the plot to be unbelievable because the characters do not seem to be real and more plastic than anything. It is very hard to have a good story line where the sex scenes come at the right times rather than the story being secondary to the sex scenes. When the story line is secondary the story doesn’t seem real. In Carrie’s Answer we have Carrie who has been in love with her boss for years and she gets the chance to spend the weekend with him in his world of BDSM. She has to make a choice of being with him totally or not at all.

The author does an excellent job at making this reader feel the emotions of Carrie. Carrie has loved Marcus for so long and she is scared of all the ramifications of starting a relationship with him. The story line has both characters going through real emotions in regards to starting a relationship and whether or not they should continue this relationship.