Review: Banish The Dragon by D L Robinson

Banish The Dragon by D L Robinson
Release Date: January 8, 2011
Publisher:  Melange Books
Pages: 175
Source:  Author

Forced to choose an English bride, Simon Radcliffe marries the beautiful Katherine Maguire but it’s his cousin Jonathan who saves Katherine, time and again, from ravishment. Months later, the marriage annulled, Katherine travels from Seven Oaks Plantation to Carlyle, New York, where she finds love and Jonathan Radcliffe, slayer of dragons.


Review:  When you start reading a book and the secondary characters are as compelling as the main ones you know you are reading a good book! I have found the historical romances are somewhat the same type of story in plotting. That is not the case with Banish the Dragon, there are many twist and turns to this story that had me dropping my jaw and rushing to turn the pages. I found the world build and characters development, rich and filled with details. You will love the old man!

Katherine is a compelling woman who seems to attract the most unfavorable collection of males known to man. To her credit, she bounces back in strides after failed attempts at love. It took me a bit to like Katherine, by the end of the book I felt she learned who she was and could really be herself.

Jonathan, our hero, is truly Katherine’s knight in shining armor. He always seems to be in the right place at the right time. Like most men he makes a bad choice or two and must redeem himself in her eyes. I liked Jonathan, he reminded me of the boy next door in kindness, but hiding a few secrets in his closet.

I liked how the author arranged for Katherine to start each new phase of her life in a very different location. She does a great job of transitioning them from England, to the South, New York.

Overall, Banish the Dragon is entertaining and well pace story with well detailed settings and wonderfully written characters.