Review: Arctic Destiny by Anya Richards

Arctic Destiny by Anya Richards
Release Date: January 6, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 114
Source:  Publisher

When Tasha Watson travels to Churchill, Manitoba, to get information from ex-lover Finn MacEwan, she doesn’t plan to rekindle their affair. But the troubled, haunted man she finds is far different from the one who left her two years before, though the desire exploding between them is devastatingly familiar. Despite her deepening feelings, Tasha is determined to get to the bottom of Finn’s mysterious problems.

Trapped by his honor and shamanic appeal to the Great Nanuk, Finn has spent over a hundred winters forced to roam the ice of Hudson Bay in the form of a polar bear. Loneliness and despair have nearly taken their toll…until Tasha appears on his doorstep, bringing to life the very things he can’t afford to feel – love and hope.

But neither hope, nor earth-shattering passion, not even the love of a lifetime, can help fight destiny, and the decisions Tasha and Finn face could all lead to cold, Arctic heartbreak.


Review:  This was the first time I read about a shapeshifter that turned into a polar bear and I loved it.  Arctic Destiny is well written and the plot is good. The only problem I had was getting into the story at the beginning. There was just something missing for me and I believe it was the way the characters started out.  Halfway through the story, I felt that it really picked up and hooked me.

Finn is a man that has been through a lot and his spirit is ready to just give up and die. When you find out everything that he’s been through you want so much for him to finally be at peace. Why can’t he finally find someone he loves and have a normal life? I just couldn’t imagine being a polar bear all winter and not be able to turn back into a human until spring.

Tasha is a woman that loves to be in charge. In and out of the bedroom. The only person that she has ever let herself go is with Finn. He just knows what she wants and knows how to satisfy her. I did feel a disconnect from her since she wasn’t there to start up another relationship but rather was there under false pretenses to get information.

I did enjoy the sex scenes, especially the ones with the syrup!  Go ahead and read the book and give it a chance.  It did get better and better and I wish it was longer!



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