Review: Alien, Interrupted by Iris Astres

Alien, Interrupted by Iris Astres
Release Date: January 6, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 156
Source:  Publisher

Is it wise to have sex with a tall, gorgeous space alien who used to be your cat? The question barely has a chance to flitter through Hannah’s mind before she’s overwhelmed by temptation and writhing under the strong, hot man in her bed. And while the thought of goodbye sometimes makes her question the decision, life with a handsome lover does not disappoint.

Yom Lister has proven no better at reasoning himself out of his lust. Somehow he’s managed to pair-bond with an Earthling – the intensity and speed of his connection to Hannah setting him completely off-balance. In one unthinking moment, Yom ends his state-sponsored vacation on Earth and finds himself a traitor to the planet he once saved.

Before he’s arrested, however, he plans to make the best of the insanity. He has good reason to reap the rewards of Hannah’s willing body while he can since their impending separation isn’t only inevitable, it’s potentially deadly.


Review:  Alien, Interrupted is a great paranormal with a new spin!

Yom Lister is an alien from another world. He saved millions of people on his planet so they are repaying him and sending him on a six month vacation. The only problem is that he’s going to Earth as a cat.  Hannah has finally decided to give in and go to the shelter and get herself a cat. She’s always wanted one but she never really had the time with all her studies. As soon as she lays eyes on Oliver there is this weird connection. She just has to take him home.

While I was reading this book sometimes it just got away from me. It was well written but some things were just a little out there. It’s Sci-Fi and I had to slow down and take it in a little bit more slower than I usually do.  I also got to thinking wouldn’t it be great to have my pet turn into a sexy guy and give me the best sex of my life?  When the characters started bonding they were insane and wanted to have sex all the time. I’ve never heard it called “being insane” before.

I really loved that Oliver (Yom) brought Hannah out of her shell. She had become a hermit and hardly socialized. She did the same thing every day just like clockwork. Oliver showed her that she was a sexy woman and that she just needed the right clothes to make herself feel better.  I loved how the author showed their feelings for the each other, including their insecurities.

I did hate that you just never knew when Oliver was going to be found out and taken back to his planet. I can tell you that I would hate knowing that today just might be my last day on Earth and I would be taken back to my home planet.  Yom had no idea what was going to happen to him when he got there since he had turned into his regular form and let a human see him.

Just like every story, you’re going to have your good, along with the bad. It’s hard making a relationship work but even harder having to work things out with an alien but you’ll have to read the story to see how it all ends.

I’ll be waiting for my animals to turn into sexy men and make all my dreams come true…