Review: A Woman Made For Pleasure by Michele Sinclair

A Woman Made For Pleasure by Michele Sinclair
Series: Daring Three (# 1)
Release Date: August 7, 2012
Publisher:  Zebra Books
Pages: 369
Source:  Publisher

Known as the Daring Three, a trio of exquisite young women are taking London by storm. But if Lady Millie Aldon has her way, no man will win her hand in marriage–not even the one she loves. . .

A Passion For Adventure

Drawn to a life of excitement and risk, Lady Millie Aldon made a pact to forsake marriage. But her plans are thrown into chaos when Chase Wentworth returns to town. The lanky lad she remembers from childhood is now the Marquess of Chaselton, possessing an air of mystery Millie can’t resist. As Chase moves through London’s elite circles, his stealth manner has Millie convinced he harbors a secret–one she is determined to reveal. . .

A Dangerous Seduction

As Millie makes a game of observing Chase’s every move, she finds her attraction to him unsettling. When a stolen kiss threatens to turn their flirtation into something more powerful, she questions her vow of freedom. But Millie has no idea of the danger she’s facing. Chase has a complicated past–and his clandestine efforts to expose a traitor will soon provide a more perilous–and passionate–adventure than Millie could ever have planned. . .


Review:  Michele Sinclair is a superbly talented author. She captured the heart of the regency era with this incredibly written novel! From start to finish, I was completely engrossed in Millie and Chase’s story, sometimes laughing out loud, other times wanting to strangle one of them. They were chiseled out perfectly and truly lent depth to the story line.

Millie is a wonderful character! I loved her attitude and her strength. She really knew what she wanted in life until she came face to face with Chase, the boy from her childhood. Trouble is, now Chase is a man, and the pact she made when was younger seems to be vying for the spot that her heart wants to put him in. She’s a woman, after all. She has needs and wants, and Chase could be the perfect fit for them. I absolutely loved the feeling I got as Millie’s emotions swept over me and became my own. I felt the struggle she was dealing with with fighting her attraction to honor her pact or give her heart away. It was a fun roller coaster ride!

Marquess of Chaselton,Charles “Chase” Wentworth has returned home to London where is bound and set on exposing the truth. Trust was betrayed and Chase is determined to announce the truth. But, he’s come face to face with Millie again after years away and wow! I loved his attitude and protectiveness towards her. She’s not the little girl remembers and the sparks go flying when he’s around her! I loved that. Chase is such a loving character when you get to know him. I really wanted to be Millie more than once! Chase soon learns that there is more to Millie than meets the eye and he’s not going to put her in danger, and despite the feelings in his heart, he’s got to protect her. I adored that in him. He was a strong man on the outside, but on the inside he had the heart of tenderness.

These two characters, as well as their friends and family, round out this story in a truly amazing way. A bit of suspense, scorching passion and incredibly drawn out plot line, this story left me breathless and wanting more. I am highly anxious to see more of the Daring Three in Aimee and Jennelle’s story. Thank you, Ms. Sinclair, for writing an absolutely breathtaking story! I am now a devoted fan for life!