Meet the Reviewers: Crystal B.

Hello! My name is Crystal B. I am an avid reader. I remember when I was a little kid wanting to read so bad. From the time I learned to read I have had a book in my hand. I haven’t been writing reviews very long but I am enjoying share about the books I read.
I have MS so reading helps me relax and take my mind off my pain. I read a LOT. I am from Iowa where I live with my wonderful husband and my fabulous Mom.
My husband & I own a landscape/excavation company. He does the manual & machine work, I do the office work. We are a great team.
My favorite books are romance with a bit of mystery. I don’t know that I’ve meet a book yet that I didn’t like. My favorite book, oh my that is a hard one there are so many. I think I’ll go with the Texas Saga by Sandra Brown (it’s actually 3 books in one). It is about 2 brothers and a sister in the same family. This is one of the first romance books I read as a teenager. I think this started my love of series books. I love to keep up with the charters in a family or town. I get attached to them.
I am on facebook and goodreads.

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