Review: Tea for Three by Kate St. James

Tea for Three by Kate St. James
Release Date: October 14, 2011
Publisher: Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 40
Source: Publisher



Uninhibited tea shop manager Layla Aziz struggles with her relationship with blond and buff construction worker Gil Cuthbert. After years of sleeping with any dude who tickles her libido, can she remain faithful to one guy?

Then Gil surprises Layla by arranging a ménage with his best friend, dark and serious Hunter Cole. Gil, it seems, will do anything to keep Layla satisfied. That includes sharing her with ultra-sexy Hunter again and again. Not for just one orgasm-filled night, but for many more to come—as long as Gil’s in charge of her erotic needs.

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Review:  Tea for Three was a very quick read… in fact, it didn’t even feel like 40 pages. Well, it’s a Quickie from Ellora’s Cave… which really says it all.

So the blurb really says it all. Layla and Gil are dating, and it’s probably her first serious relationship. But to spice things up in the bedroom, Gil decides to bring in his best friend and business partner, Hunter. Where Gil is smooth and refined, Hunter is wild and tattooed.

Within the first chapter the heat is turned on and it simmers until the last page. There is a touch of back story, to make the characters a little more real. But outside of this encounter and the taking of a next step in a relationship, there really isn’t much growth. However, when picking up a Quickie, I never really expect that. I want down and dirty sex. And this book does deliver. Layla, Gil and Hunter tear up the sheets. And through it all, I learned a new term. Who knew what “”teabagging”” was? I sure didn’t. But I know now.

This is a solid book for what it is… a short novella. I, personally, could have used a little more plot and character development. But all-in-all, it was enjoyable.








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