Review: Wicked Beast by Gail Faulkner

Wicked Beast by Gail Faulkner
Release Date: October 26, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 205
Source:  Publisher

Cord had waited a damn long time for the end of the world. He’d starved for most of those eons and was frankly pissed it had taken so long to get here. Relief at last, time to go kill.An animal designed to destroy, Cord wasn’t prepared for the astonishing instincts that overpowered everything he had thought he was. What he wanted more than life, more than the freedom of death was something he couldn’t gather, command or capture—Kelly.There wasn’t anything Kelly wouldn’t do to protect her precious, gifted daughter. No act too humiliating, no job too difficult. Being the one thing the air dragon could not live without wasn’t exactly hard labor, and the humiliation part so shockingly sensual it changed who she was. The problem she was having were the new items on her “to do” list—Dispense evil wizards, Dispose of vicious dragon army, Save world.  Right.


Review: Very explicit, hot, steamy sex scenes; that you just may need to take a cold shower after reading or find a partner.

I fell in love with Kelly and Cord right away. They were both very likable characters then you throw in a really cute three year old named Minuet who at times steals the scenes from the adults. Although Minuet is a real cutie I had a bit of a problem when Ms. Faulkner had her talk. In today’s age most three year olds are better versed with some having a few issues with speech. What with television, pre-school etc.; add to the fact that she was an extraordinary child that talked/ or knew what was going on inside of adults she should have been able to talk much better that what Ms. Falkner had us believing.

That aside I really thought that the instant chemistry that drew Kelly and Cord together left no room for doubt that they were a match. No mystery there. With each having trust issues instead of talking it was always about sex -that left nothing to the imagination. Ms. Faulkner threw in the trust issues and then had them resolved by the submissiveness of the sex. Basically saying if you let me do this then I will know that you really trust me.

I would love to have seen more fiery passion, more talking about things instead of just jumping straight into bed as if that solves all our problems. Well, it may for some. I will admit that there was some talking about feelings but it always ended in hot sex. I am not saying that is all that bad. I would have liked to see the relationship evolve more.

The whole story line has allot of potential with the different twist having dragons matched to or mated to witches. I really like where this is going and look forward to Molly and Legions stories along with Harrison and Shelly’s.

Overall I enjoyed Ms. Falkner’s story and would recommend it. I look forward to the next book about the fantasy world of the dragon’s and witches.