Review: Uncertain Claim by Rebecca Aires

Uncertain Claim by Rebecca Aires
Series: Protective Affairs (# 4)
Release Date: November 30, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 105
Source:  Publisher

When Gavin tells Protectorate analyst Diana that she’s his mate, she doesn’t believe him. After all, a werewolf doesn’t date-he claims. Diana knows this, and therefore assumes her time with Gavin is limited, even though she aches for more than just a few months of hot sex. She’s prepared to grab any moments of happiness and make as many memories as she can before their affair ends.

From the moment he met her, Gavin knew Diana was his mate. He simply wanted to give her everything a human woman would want from a man. Lust burns hot between them, but only claiming her will truly satisfy his wolf. When he’s attacked and put into protective custody, he refuses to stay unless Diana is near. Now he’ll have to protect her from killers stalking them in hopes to finally claim his mate.


Review:  Uncertain Claim is so different from other shape-shifter books.

Usually there is a shape-shifter wanting to do the claiming and the mate not wanting to be mated. But in this book, the shape-shifter wants to date his mate and give her everything that a human male would give her.

So Gavin makes it harder on himself. Diana is so drawn to Gavin and knows that there is no future for them. If she had been his mate then he would’ve told her. When Gavin is attacked and has to go into hiding is when he breaks the news to Diana that she is his mate.

If you were in Diana shoes and knew how shape-shifters take their mates and not let anything stand in their way. Would you believe Gavin? She would give anything to be his mate and he really messed it up when he didn’t tell her from the start.

That’s why I say that this book is different. She wants to be his mate and he wants to take his time. I would want my man to take me as his mate right away if it was me. I would say lets just get it over with already. Who cares for all the romance just take me.

Uncertain Claim was a great book to read. When you see a male that likes to take control have to backtrack and admit that just maybe he did things the wrong way. It caused the woman he loved to second guess him. I mean how would you know he was telling the truth or just trying to keep you safe.

I enjoyed the plot to the story. I got a lot of laughs out of this book and also a lot of passion. I was so wanting the book to go on and on. Since this is a series I’m going to see if there is another book after this one.