Review: Tingle All The Way by Mackenzie McKade

Tingle All The Way by Mackenzie McKade
Release Date: December 14, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 100
Source:  Publisher

Can Christmas magic be found with the help of one very irritating little wood faery?

High-profile attorney Kayla Jones thinks she just might be losing her mind when Hector, a mischievous wood faery, appears before her. Are the martinis to blame? Or has her loneliness pushed her over the edge? And if her subconscious must create an imaginary man for the holidays, why can’t it be the good-looking prosecutor who visits her nightly dreams?

When Barry Allred offers to take Kayla home from the bar, he doesn’t expect her to pass out in his arms, leaving him no alternative except to take her to his home. But more surprises await…

When the beauty awakens the next morning, she’s under the impression that they not only had sex, but she inadvertently revealed to him her deepest, darkest BDSM and menage fantasies. He can’t figure out how she came to this misunderstanding…but he’s definitely the man to make all her fantasies come true.


Review:  Kayla Jones is a lawyer who never loses a case and is known as the Ice Queen around work. She acts like it doesn’t hurt her feelings but it does. She doesn’t let anyone get too close to her. To keep herself from hitting her co-workers she bails out on her office Christmas party.

Well she ends up at a bar getting drunk. When she sees a faery and it starts talking to her she blames the alcohol. So she decides to leave the bar and ends up with the man that plays a huge part in her dreams, Brad.

Even though the faery can get her into some trouble, it also helps her. I really want me one. I would like to have him for just a day. He would make me act out my secret fantasies. Maybe that way I could figure out what was in the deepest part of my brain.

Kayla has to learn to love and trust people. If I was treated the way she was it would be hard for me to trust. To have your parents dump you on your aunt and get a divorce. Makes it hard for anyone to be able to trust anyone.

Brad is the man that brings all of Kayla’s dreams come true. He shows her about BDSM and gifts her with a menage for a Christmas gift. I really got into watching Kayla just let everything go and trust in Brad. This was a great book that shows a woman with the help of a faery trust in herself.

The sex was hot and there was only one menage scene in the book. I loved the ending and hope that everything works out for them. I will be waiting on my faery to come and pay a visit to me.