Review: The King’s Viper by Janine Ashbless

The King’s Viper by Janine Ashbless
Release Date: August 19, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave Xanadu
Pages: 152
Source:  Publisher

When Lady Eloise of the Isle of Venn becomes betrothed to the King of Ystria, she looks forward to a life of luxury and status at the royal court. She certainly doesn’t anticipate being shipwrecked on the way to her wedding, escorted by the King’s assassin, Severin de Meynard, the most hated man in the kingdom. Nor does she anticipate them having to make their way back home to Ystria on foot, through hundreds of miles of enemy territory. Above all, she doesn’t expect to fall in love with the cynical, ruthless Severin.Eloise and Severin struggle to control their growing attraction to each other because if they do not—if she returns to the King no longer a virgin—then they will both be executed. Yet their passion threatens to be far stronger than their self-control, leading them to other ways to satisfy their desires. Severin and Eloise are torn between duty and their burning need for one another, and both will face bitter sacrifice before the end.

Reader Advisory: This book contains brief scenes of nonsexual violence.


Review:  I chose this book because of the title along with the blurb. I guess I was expecting more. I found myself a little disappointed over the predictability of what was going to happen.

This is a somewhat typical story of the virginal maiden slated to marry the King. Although he is handsome in his own right he doesn’t have the time to travel to get his betrothed. So in his stead he sends his right hand man. Kind of sounds like ‘Shrek’. So dark and sort of roguish Severin is sent to bring Eloise to his king.

First the ship goes down and only the two survive. Washed ashore they end up walking all the way to the king. Along the way they find themselves drawn to each other.

Eloise does pitch in and help as they pretend to be commoners as they work for a place to sleep along with food to eat.

Warning: This story contains masturbation by both Eloise and Severin. The sex eventually finds them having anal sex in order to keep her virginity in tack.

I found the characters to be somewhat lacking in that Eloise was just went along with things being very complacent. She seemed to need some backbone or spirit. She was just a little too flat for me. I couldn’t grasp her as believable. Severin had a little more depth as he was somewhat of an assassin but still a little boring. He was made out to be this strong dark character but when it came to the sex scenes he seemed a little too gentle as I thought he would be stronger and take what he wanted.

Overall Ms. Ashbless wrote a somewhat pleasant story but I personally would have enjoyed it more with some depth. It seemed as if we were going on a daily walk and this was an everyday occurrence in our life. Nothing new just kind of …blah.