Review: The Highlander’s Reward by Eliza Knight

The Highlander’s Reward by Eliza Knight
Series: The Stolen Bride Series
Release Date: July 11, 2012
Publisher:  Eliza Knight
Pages: 263
Source:  Publisher

She belonged to another…

Lady Arbella de Mowbray abhors the idea of marrying an English noble occupying Scotland. When she reaches Stirling where she is to wed, she is thrown into the midst of a full battle between the Scots and the English. Fighting for her life, she is whisked from her horse by a warrior fighting with William Wallace who escapes with her into the Highlands.

But was destined to be his…

The last thing Laird Magnus Sutherland wants is a wife…but that is exactly what he got when he saved the beautiful English lass. Their countries are at war and they should be each other’s enemy. When she is attacked by one of his own men, he determines the only way to keep her safe is to marry her.

Magnus brings Arbella to his home of Dunrobin Castle. And that’s where the trouble begins… Neither one considered their mock marriage would grow into a deeply passionate love. What’s more, they were both unhappily betrothed and those who’ve been scorned are out for the ultimate revenge.


Review:  I read this book in one day.

Actually I read this book in a day and a half, which basically means I was still reading at two in the morning with no intention of putting down my kindle until everything was settled.

Lady Arabella has no desire to marry, yet the king has decreed that she do so. She wouldn’t mind as much if it didn’t mean trudging through the Highlands. Her maid has been more than clear about what horrors await her in Scotland and she wants nothing more than to turn her horse and gallop back into England.

Their is unrest in Scotland, English attack the people on a daily basis, and Arabella sees this first hand as she arrives to meet her betrothed only to find that the town is under siege. Her father leaves her with a few knights and she is left to wonder if she’s going to perish.

But, never fear, for there is a strapping highland warrior, a laird mind you, that sees her distress and rescues her.

In order to protect her form his men, Lord Magnus Sutherland has only one choice, he has to marry her. Not that he doesn’t find her appealing, he hasn’t met a woman yet who could make him feel the things Lady Arabellea does simply by staring at him.

They marry, and she is soon accepted into the highlands with open arms, even though she’s English. She still wants to know if her father survived the attack and he promises to send word to the father as soon as possible. But danger awaits her in the castle.  For we not only have an English lord who is now scorned but an ex Scottish fiance out to seek revenge.

I loved this book, as you can probably tell. Miss Knight did an excellent job with her historical background as well as her character development with Arabella and Magnus. I think the only complaint I would have, would be that I felt like everything was built up into this huge wave of “excitement” and then it ended, quite quickly. Everything was tied up nicely. But it is a romance and in most romance novels thats actually something I really appreciate too, I like to know that everyone is happy in the end, so as much as it’s a con it’s also a pro.

I haven’t read any other of Miss Knights books but after reading this one I can guarantee you I’ll be buying the rest in the series.

There is some swearing and a few sex scenes, nothing so graphic that you’d have to hide your kindle if someone walked up behind you, though.