Review: Terminal Lust by Kali Willows

Terminal Lust by Kali Willows
Series: 1Night Stand
Release Date: January 11, 2012
Publisher:  Decadent Publishing Company
Pages: 41
Source:  Publisher

Given a death sentence by her doctor, Ambrosia Thatcher is a woman with little time and a single wish; to experience passion once more. Seeking answers to her unbearable paralysis at three thirty three, every single morning, the enlightenment she is offered from the ramblings of a crazy old gypsy holds no solace. The services of 1Night Stand is the only prescription to cure her longing for passion, but will she survive long enough to see it through?

Desmond Jacobs is an immortal haunted by a woman he cannot find. The prospect of eternal seclusion without her has no appeal, so he has a plan. With the aid of his creator, he will to go to sleep, and never wake up again. Despite his determination, he agrees to one last request from his friend; seek the services of 1NS to find another. Which will overpower him first; his hunger for sexual healing or his thirst for blood?


Review:  Terminal Lust by Kali Willow packages deep emotion and high heat levels for a short story. I was able to connect with the heroine very easy, her fear of dying and keep other people at bay so her illness does not affect anyone is sad and heartbreaking. Ambrosia is written extremely well. I loved all the little things about her. She holds so much courage inside of her. You feel her emotions pouring off the pages. I laughed and cried with her.

Desmond is not like any other vampire that I have read. Not only is he hot, to me, he took finding and loving his soul mate to a whole new level. He knows who she is, what she is facing and is willing to change the world for her. That is the guy that I want!

For a 40 page story I could not ask for more. I will be reading more of the One Night Stand series. I recommend this book to people who love vampires, and erotic combined.



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