Review: Tagged and Bagged by Stephanie Hecht

Tagged and Bagged by Stephanie Hecht
Series: EMS Heat series (# 14)
Release Date: June 1, 2012
Publisher:  eXtasy Books
Pages: 57
Source:  Publisher

Houston is used to being the official wallflower of Flint’s EMS community. Not only has he grown up that way, because he was always so soft-spoken, but he was usually too busy cleaning up his twin’s messes to have time to worry about anything else. Then, when his twin falls in love, Houston finds himself alone and floundering as he tries to adjust to all the changes.

Born and raised in Flint, Rich knows how hard life can be. When he joins the police force, he becomes even more jaded. The last thing he expects is to find himself attracted to is one of the biggest brats in the city. Sure, most people think Houston is meek and quiet, but they’ve never seen the real side of the medic like Rich has.

Then Houston makes the mistake of pissing off the most dangerous criminal in Flint and Rich finds himself rushing to the rescue. Will Rich be in time to save Houston, or will they both end up tagged and bagged?


Review:  I had one little problem with this book. Okay, one big problem. One MAJOR problem. It was just too darn short. Normally I kind of like the short stories. They make great time fillers between longer books and they’re easy to read when I’m on the go. This one, however, just deserved more. More background, more details, more about who these men are. So yes, I loved the story – but I want more!

We do find out details about both Houston’s and Rich’s past – what makes them each fear getting close to another man – but the explanation felt rushed, as if it had to be poured out in a few paragraphs rather than letting it build and expand into something with more meat and soul to it.

I do love how the book begins, with Houston handcuffed at a bachelorette party while (drunk) women try to get him to do a strip tease. (I need those women for friends!) And I felt the pull and draw the two characters have with each other.

With raw emotions and humor, Tagged and Bagged is a great little story. I just would have liked to have more of it.