Review: Soul Sacrifice by Leanore Elliott

Soul Sacrifice by Leanore Elliott
Series: Soul Trilogy (# 1)
Release Date: August 7, 2010
Publisher:  Silver Publishing
Pages: 200
Source:  Publisher

It becomes hot and restless down in the deep south.

A Creole pact that haunts a family for a hundred years.

Its 1889…Cesso and Reeves meet, and it’s an electrifying experience. They will love and fight until it brings their souls to peril, when they make the Soul Sacrifice.

It’s 1989…Jubilee Evangeline is the last living heir, removing the Hundred year old curse is her destiny, but will she lose the man she loves because of it?

Charlie and Ravens are brought to the Avalonde plantation to lift the Evangeline family curse. Sparks fly between them as they begin again. But will the Demon of the pact tear them apart?

You will live the Sacrifice, Betrayal and the Redemption in…The Soul Trilogy.


Review:  Soul Sacrifice is the first book in a trilogy by Leanore Elliott. I picked this book to review because it was set in one of the cities that I long to visit. I love the culture and the excitement that seems to ooze from New Orleans. The concept of the book seemed to be something that I would enjoy.

At first the book could be rather confusing because it was jumping from 1889 to 1989 a lot. Once I got straight what was going and what was happening I rather enjoyed the novel. Charlie is a woman in 1989 reading a journal written by a woman in 1889 named Cessoline that is being forced to marry a man she doesn’t want to. A curse has been put on Cessoline’s family and it seems that Charlie and a man she has never met are the ones destined to break the Evangeline curse.

Throughout the book you get to meet all the characters that make up this colorful novel that is worth reading. It was interesting to see how the characters from the past and the present were interconnected. You get a sense of the history and the culture in the South. I would highly recommended this novel to others.