Review: Soul Redemption by Leanore Elliott

Soul Redemption by Leanore Elliott
Series: Soul Trilogy (# 3)
Release Date: November 18, 2010
Publisher:  Silver Publishing
Pages: 566
Source:  author

An Erotic Paranormal Saga…
Will There be REDEMPTION?
What provocative plan will Cesso use to win Reeves back?
Charlie and Ravens run for their lives, as they finally discover what their souls share.
Jubilee is not convinced that Nick is who he claims to be. Will he pin her to the wall to prove what is true?
Parker gets a wealth of desire when he discovers Penny.
You will live the Sacrifice, Betrayal and Redemption in The Soul Trilogy


Review:  Soul Redemption is the final novel in Leanore Elliott’s Soul Trilogy. I feel like a broken record in that this final book was even better than the second one. I feel like she was able to tie up all the loose ends and answer all the questions that I had from the previous two novels. Yet she still kept me guessing and wanting to read as fast as I could to find out the ending.

Elliott seemed to have really grown as a write as the books progressed. Her characters became richer and by this final novel they were jumping off the page to use an old cliché. The sex scenes were hotter and a lot more spicy in this novel than the previous two novels.

Reeves her main hero from 1889 is a hero that I wish existed today. He is strong and fights for what he wants. He never backs down from a fight. Raven as the hero from 1989 is also a very well put together man that is strong and caring. All the characters are relate-able even if a lot of them are from 1889. I highly recommend this trilogy to anyone that loves paranormal novels but is looking something different and not about vampires.