Review: Soul Betrayal by Leanore Elliott

Soul Betrayal by Leanore Elliott
Series: Soul Trilogy (# 2)
Release Date: October 2, 2011
Publisher:  Silver Publishing
Pages: 218
Source:  Author

Cesso has betrayed Reeves and becomes a runaway bride. What must she do to prove that she wants him back? Reeves dreams of his sweet, seductive revenge as he chases her around the world.

Charlie does not know what happened to her memory as someone stalks her from the shadows, is it the man that she has erotic dreams of?

Jubilee yearns and mourns for Nick, her dead lover as she tries to lift to Family curse. Will his deadly twin-brother Jude, take his place in her life and give her the passion that she longs for?


Review:  I loved Soul Betrayal even more than I liked the first book in the series. It starts off exactly where Soul Sacrifice left off. You have the three couples that are once again trying to figure things out. Cesso and Reeves are in the past and Charlie and Ravens and Jubilee and Nick (Nick has passed away and a relationship may or not happen with his twin brother Jude). I really liked how all three couples were all somehow connected yet lived different and separate lives, with two couples in one century and one couple in another century.

The writing in this novel was a lot more concise and clearer than the first novel of the series. The back and forth from 1989 and 1889 was much more seamless which made reading a lot more enjoyable.

I really enjoy how Elliott’s main female characters are all really spunky and full of independence. Even Cesso in 1889 doesn’t listen well to her brother or Reeves. She does what she wants. Jubilee does what it takes to fine the Book of Lore in hopes of finally ending the curse on her family. I can’t wait to read the conclusion Soul Redemption.