Review: Seeing Spots by Ellen Fisher

Seeing Spots by Ellen Fisher
Release Date: August 7, 2011
Pages: 63
Source: Purchased



The story of one man’s obsession with spots…and where his obsession leads.

Dare Greene and Kathy Parish have longed for each other since high school, but their own insecurities have kept them apart. One day, a glimpse of a leopard-spotted bra changes everything between them. But are they prepared for ALL changes they’ll experience together?


Review: Dare Greene has his own landscaping business and he decides that he needs to do a web site to bring in more business. He calls Kathy Parish, who he has had a crush on since high school.

In this erotic read as soon as Dare see’s the spots on Kathy’s bra it’s over with. It’s like he’s a new person and he just pounces on her. The sex just gets hotter and hotter. Dare doesn’t understand why anything with spots is turning him on.

Before you know it Dare has redone the bedroom and anything else he can in spots. Something has to be done before it gets out of hand. Who would complain though if your man went all hot and tore your clothes off if he just imagined you wearing spots or laying on spots?

Something happens when they keep having sex. Just rubbing their bodies together have consequences. At the moment when it comes to a head his parents catches them. That’s when the secret is out of the bag. If you want to read a hot steamy book and find out what I’m talking about then I dare you to read Seeing Spots.







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