Review: Rammi by Aubrey Ross

Rammi by Aubrey Ross
Series: Mystic Keepers (# 5)
Release Date: July 29, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 73
Source:  Publisher

When Tavon, a passionate Life Keeper, is accused of a senseless murder, Rammi, the Mystic dimension’s most ruthless Death Keeper, is sent to assassinate him. Tavon is determined to prove his innocence, but the sexy assassin is just as determined to complete her mission.

Seeing no alternative, Tavon takes Rammi captive and drags her along as he attempts to uncover the truth. He has never met a woman so captivating and he burns to peel away her icy reserve. They clash and argue, releasing their mutual frustration in volatile bouts of passion. But neither is prepared for the staggering desire that ignites with their first kiss.


Review:  In this story we learn about Death Keepers and Life Keepers.

Rammi thought she had found her mate but when it came down to it she found out she was wrong. Gaverel wasn’t all the things he seemed to be. He was so jealous of Tavon. To prove that someone is your true mate the elders use Pim Noctar.

Gaverel forced Rammi and that’s when everyone found out that she was a Death Keeper. Now she has a mission to find Tavon. He’s accused of murdering two people. So off she goes.

Tavon is very passionate about his job. He teaches other Keepers about their powers. Everything seems to be going good until he feels someone watching him. That’s when he catches Rammi. Rammi tells him that he’s wanted for murder.

I couldn’t imagine what it would feel like to be accused of something that bad and know that I didn’t do it. I would be so scared. I would hope that I would do whatever I could to prove my innocence.

Rammi and Tavon come up with a plan to see if they can get the real killer to give himself away. It’s very dangerous and has never been done before.

Just when I thought that the mystery was going to be solved something else happens. It causes an even bigger mystery. I just get more and more involved in this series.

I keep wondering what will happen next and will we ever find out what happened to Cayenne and Lorran’s parents. Can we trust anyone or is all the elders in on it. Someone is dealing with black magic, but who?

Still trying to find out what will happen next. My mind keeps going around in circles. When you get a lead something else happens. I am so excited to find out what happens in the next book. I know that I’m getting closer and closer to finding out all the mysteries.

Warning and possible spoiler: There is one rape scene in this book.