Review: Punishing Rose by Kathleen Lash

Punishing Rose by Kathleen Lash
Release Date: June 24, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 140
Source:  Publisher

For ten long years, Jon Paul plots revenge against the Congress of Mornella for destroying his home. Once he seizes control of their government, all will die. Except one. He’ll extract a different form of payback from Rose DeSantin. The figurehead will serve as his personal sexual plaything. He’ll spank, tease and test her limits until she gives him the information he desires. Absolutely nothing can go wrong-until he restrains the sultry beauty inside his cabin and measures out her punishment.

Rose endures the crudely arousing torment at the hands of the filthy pirate who has kidnapped her. Will his method of revenge force her to tell all her secrets? The gentle probing of his fingers, the hot, consuming kisses from rum-flavored lips are impossible to ignore. Even as her body burns with shameful desire, Rose must remember he’s the enemy. As their lust burns higher, Rose is torn between duty and desire.


Review:  Punishing Rose is a great book. It will leave you begging for more.

Rose thought that the man she loved died ten years ago. For that she decides to take all weapons away from everyone on her planet and everyone depends on the Council to tell them what to do. So you wonder if this book is in the past.

Jon Paul swears to his brother to get revenge on the people that cost him his death and his clan. He feels that Rose was in on it so she needs to pay. He isn’t the gentleman that he used to be. He has got everything that he suffered inked on his body and has become a hard man.

First off I would just like to say that I want one of the showers that Jon Paul had on his ship. Anything that takes your clothes off, cleans you, and also takes off your hair in seconds. I want one and it does it all without water. You have a lot of futuristic things in this story. Some things are like what people went through in the olden days. No medics, no comforts, all the things that made living rough. So you wonder if your in the past or the future.

This story just goes to show you that you don’t need to go backwards you need to go forward if not you will regret a lot of your decisions. The BDSM in this story has some rough parts. Jon Paul doesn’t go easy and take it a little at a time. He has revenge on his mind and that is what is controlling him.

We find out that you need to stop before you take revenge out. You need to get both sides of the story. With Rose and Jon Paul, they both had done some wrong. The biggest thing was that a lot of wrong had been done to them. True love never dies, we might try to bury it and call it something else. If we look hard enough it’s still there.

I enjoyed reading Punishing Rose. The author did a wonderful job. The characters feelings were very real and you could feel everything that they were going through. Even though things happen you never really get over all the pain and you see that with Rose.

Thank you Kathleen for such a wonderful book.



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    Thanks so much for taking the time to review the book and thank you for your comments. You made my night! Have a wonderful weekend!

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