Review: Minuette by Aubrey Ross

Minuette by Aubrey Ross
Series: Mystic Keepers (# 6)
Release Date: August 12, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 95
Source:  Publisher

After a Veil Keeper murders his wife and unborn son, Lord Nyx of Zylott feels nothing but anger and emptiness. When Veil Keeper Minuette literally falls out of the sky and into his life, Nyx vows to seduce her and replace what the Order of the Veil took from him-his unborn child.

Minuette is fascinated by her captor. She senses his desolation and loss. He touches her with passion and longing, overwhelming her mistrust and fear. A mystic shield guards her virtue, but what will protect her heart?


Review:  The Mystic Keepers series just keeps getting better and better.

Minuette is still waiting for someone to come and save her or be released. Seems that no matter what she asks she just keeps getting the run around. She has something on her hands to keep her from using her powers, so you can’t use her powers of a Veil Keeper and get away.

Lord Nyx wants what was taken from him. A Veil Keeper took his wife and son away from him. He wants another child to take his place. When Minuette and Lorran fell from the sky it was like an answer from above. He needs to do what he can to make her trust him and get his revenge.

As everyone knows, nothing ever goes as planned. Lord Nyx starts having feelings for her and hates that he has told her lies. He needs to give her secret information to keep her safe when she leaves him. Something happens and she leaves without talking to him.

I can feel that I am getting so close to finding out all the answers that I have been waiting for. Everyone that has been involved is getting killed and you find out that it goes even deeper than anyone thought it did.

I love how the author is getting more and more creative with her characters. I learn more every time I read a new book from the series. I am in so much suspense. I can’t hold my breath or I would die. Please let me hurry and find out what is really happening. I hope that some of the people I thought I could trust is not in on it.

I loved watching Lord Nyx heal over the death of his wife and son. I’m happy that he finally realized that he didn’t need revenge and that he could really love again. With the help of all the Keepers coming together, let’s hope that everyone else survives and they get to the bottom of what’s really going on.

Minuette is tired of feeling lonely and having to take on a role she really didn’t want. Since Lord Nyx has found a way to make her mystic shield go away for awhile. She decides that she wants something to take back with her to feel her lonely nights.

I’ll see you in the next book and I know that it’s getting closer because I can feel it.