Review: Midnight’s Lover by Donna Grant

Midnight’s Lover by Donna Grant
Series: Dark Warriors (# 2)
Release Date: June 26, 2012
Publisher:  St. Martin’s Paperbacks
Pages: 364
Source:  Publisher


Driven by the fierce god within him, highlander Ian Kerr is sworn to fight for the land he loves-and the brother he lost. But when he’s transported four centuries into the future, he finds himself fighting his own desires-for the beautiful, bewitching woman who could hold a warrior spell-bound…


Danielle Buchanan has heard the legends. She felt the power of Druid blood in her veins. But she has never known a man as fearsome-or as hunted-as the warrior Ian. With her magic, Dani must help him fight an ancient evil. With her heart, she must join him in his quest. But only with her soul can she free him from his curse…and seal their fates together.


Review:  Midnight’s Lover is a great book and I love the new series.

Danielle lost her parents at the age of twelve. She was then moved to Scotland with her father’s family. There she learns about her magic powers and how to use them from her Aunt Josie.

Ian is a immortal that had a twin brother named Duncan. They both had a god that got released inside of them and tries to take them over. With the brothers working together they can fight him. They did good until Duncan is killed and all the power goes to Ian. Ian is having a hard time dealing with the god Farmire.

I would hate to lose my parents at the age of twelve and have to move somewhere that was completely different from everything that I have ever know. I’m not good with meeting new people so if I had to deal with family members I’d never met before, I don’t believe that I would take it well.

We all wish that we had some super powers. I don’t believe I could ever comprehend having to deal with a god inside me that gives me powers, super human strength, and immortality. To never have a life because there were evil people that wanted me to give into my god and use my powers for bad.

I enjoyed this new series and it was something different than I had ever read before. I loved reading something new. I enjoyed meeting all the Warriors. It would be hard to know that you needed to save people that had Druid blood in them and keep them safe. You have to have a secret place to take care of everyone and let them learn how to use their powers,

I felt sorry for Ian. He thought everyone had given up on him and lived in an icy cave to keep everyone safe from his god. He just didn’t know that he’d been sent hundreds of years into the future. I know that it would be hard to find out about vehicles, cell phones, indoor plumbing, and everything else to the future.

With people like Deirdre, an evil witch, and Declan you have to watch everyone that you come into contact with because they could be using anyone for their evil deeds and you’d never know until it’s too late.

Danielle has learned that with her power when she finds something and it tells her to take it to a certain place or person she better do it or she will be in a lot of pain. So when she found the key that she needed to take to MacLeod Casrle and give them the key but when she gets there it tells her to wait. Something bad is going on.

I loved the way Danielle and Ian meet. Some creatures called Wyrran, which are orange creatures that shriek, are chasing Danielle to try to steal her powers and Ian saves her. Can you imagine a blue person that has talons and teeth like a vampire coming after you? From the first meeting, there is something about Danielle that calms the god in Ian.

I can’t wait to read the next book in this great new series. There is so much intensity and I want to see what will happen next. I enjoyed the book from the start of the first page until the final of the last one. Thanks for such a wonderful book.



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    I am so looking forward to reading this one, Crystal! I loved book 1!!! Donna Grant is TALENTED!!!! 🙂

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