Review: Lorran by Aubrey Ross

Lorran by Aubrey Ross
Series: Mystic Keepers (# 4)
Release Date: July 15, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 79
Source:  Publisher

Powerful Time Keepers Warrick and Karrick prepare to claim their bonded mate Lorran. Determined to find the sensual ecstasy only possible with bonded mates, they set out for Earth. Before the brothers can begin their erotic courtship, Lorran is whisked away by a Veil Keeper and stranded in a primitive land of dark sorcery and danger.

Rescuing their reluctant bride is only the beginning. They must overcome her inhibitions and overwhelm her senses, proving that they will protect and cherish her. Only after she’s surrendered to the pleasure can they unravel the secrets threatening to destroy them all.


Review:  When I meet Lorran in the last book she was with Minuette trying to get to safety.

Well I can say that they didn’t reach their destination. They were knocked out and put in cells. When Lorran wakes up Minuette is gone and she’s suffering from a major headache. She is being questioned and the next thing you know she’s being rescued.

She wakes up at Warrick and Karrick’s house. They need to make her want them in and not take her by force so they can form the bond of mates. They need her to be complete. She has been told not to trust them.

I can just imagine how Lorran feels. Nothing at all is going the way she thought her life would map out. She is being kidnapped and has two men claiming to be her mate. She has bben taught not to trust them. Her mind tells her one thing but her body tells her something else.

Can you imagine your whole life being a lie. With Warrick and Karrick’s help she goes back to the past to see what really happened to her parents. I would be mad thinking that my memory had been erased and knowing that I had a sister.

I enjoyed meeting the Time Keeper twins. Warrick is the past while Karrick is the future. I start wondering just how many Keepers are in this world. The twins believe that their father is innocent and Cheyenne had been told that it was their father that had killed her parents.

I just don’t know what to believe. There are so many clues. Who do you trust and who do you not trust? I am starting to think that I will never find out what is really going on. It is so exciting trying to work everything out.

Let’s hope that the next book gives more clues on what is really going on. I’m hoping that we will soon get to the bottom of the mystery. Happy reading.