Review: Lessons In Love by Karen Hall

Lessons In Love by Karen Hall
Series: Victorian Ladies (# 2)
Release Date: September 15, 2011
Publisher:  The Wild Rose Press
Pages: 288
Source:  Publisher

After being abandoned by a lover, Deborah McMillan no longer believes in happily ever afters. When she accepts a temporary position as governess in Surrey to raise money for her endangered school, she plans to do the job and return to London, funds in hand. But the three orphaned children under her care-not to mention their brooding guardian-have reawakened the desire for a family of her own.

The last thing artist Sir Martin Hadley needs is to become baronet, let alone guardian for his late friend’s orphaned children-who have already run off three governesses. He just wants to send them to school and return to Italy. Martin doesn’t know a thing about family love and doesn’t care to learn. So why does new governess Deborah McMillan have him thinking otherwise?


Review:  I’m not a huge historical romance fan, but every once in awhile I like to go out of my comfort zone and read one. I love history and enjoy reading them when I do. Karen Hall does not disappoint. Her characters are very well written. She clearly has done her research to make the story believable and innovative.

Deborah the heroine is heartbroken after she has been abandoned by her ex. She agrees to become a governess to 3 small children. Her employer has a heart of steel yet learns to love because of the way Deborah shows love to the 3 children that he never wanted to love himself. Sir Martin Hadley falls in love again with Deborah. I love their love story. I found it very sweet and genuine.

After reading Lessons in Love, I want to go and seek out Karen Hall’s other work especially the first book in the series Pursuing Love. She may have awakened a new love of historical romance novels.



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  1. Karen Hall says:


    What a nice surprise to find your review and such a nice one too! This is just the kind of thing to make me get busy and write number three in the series. Thanks so much again.

    Kerri Seaton w/a Karen Hall

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