Review: Just Winging It by Kate Willoughby

Just Winging It by Kate Willoughby
Series: Be-Wished (# 4)
Release Date: November 25, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 113
Source:  Publisher

Ex-wish fairy Davina Traherne has until midnight to choose a groom at the birthday ball or her draconian grandmother Agatha will pick one for her. Panicking at the prospect of marrying a fussy, well-bred bore with no sense of adventure, she flees.

Laszlo can’t believe it when Davina asks him to help her go-off grid. He’s always had the hots for her but kept his feelings to himself. Eventually, close proximity and Davina’s playful teasing get to be too much, especially when he finds out his lust is reciprocated. But when Agatha zeroes in on their whereabouts, his resolve to keep his emotional distance dissolves and he discovers he’ll do anything to protect Davina.

Even marry her.


Review:  Just Winging It was a little different but I really enjoyed it.

Davina is a fairy and wherever she is something bad is bound to happen. It made me feel sorry for her. Just because her grandmother is a woman that everyone is afraid of, she still very kind. I enjoyed meeting Davina.

Laszlo is a fairy that hardly has any power at all and he went to a school to help him with that. Just because he saw how his step-mother took over his father’s life he decides to never let that happen to him. He also didn’t have a great childhood with his father and step-mother.

I enjoyed the comedy in the book. It wasn’t a very serious book, which was a welcome change. I got to see Davina finally stand up to her grandmother because of having Laszlo by her side. They bring out the best in each other.

I wish I had fairy powers. I could just wish things and they would happen. Go wherever I wanted to go. Wear anything. Have the body and the hair style I wanted. I believe that would be great to try at least one time.

I felt that maybe I was missing out on some things because I haven’t read the other three books. So maybe I’m missing out and need to go read the other three.

I just want to say it was a great story. I got to laugh and the sex was great between Davina and Laszlo. If you like fairy stories than this book is for you.