Review: Furyous Ink by Saranna DeWylde

Furyous Ink by Saranna DeWylde
Series: Pricked
Release Date:  July 25, 2012
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Page Count:  83 pages
Source:  Publisher

Marcus Kage has four dead women on his hands. As a detective, he knows that’s more trouble than his city needs. As a Lycanos, he knows that’s more trouble than his city can handle. A tattoo found on each vic identifies them as Amazons, and Athena’s tribe of warrior women need half an excuse to start a war on a good day. A clue leads him to the artist who tattooed the victims—and suddenly Marcus can barely keep his horny beast at bay.

As a Fury, Megaera Eumenides can see straight to the soul of a man, and she likes what she finds in the strong, honorable Alpha. They claim each other, mark each other, and with every heated mating their bond grows stronger. Life would be just about perfect if they didn’t have a supernatural assassin to avoid…and Marcus’ past haunting him…and Meg’s secrets to overcome…and a murderer on the loose.


Review:  Steamy paranormal with awesome, vivid and memorable characters, make Furyous Ink a quick and engrossing read!

Right from the beginning, I was easily and quickly sucked in to the story of Meg and Kage.  Meg is a Fury and a tattoo artist to some very important paranormal entities, namely the Amazons.  Each Amazon is tattooed with a special mark – a calling card, so to speak.  When dead bodies of young women are discovered, each with the marking tattoo, the police are led to Meg, the woman who marked these girls.

Detective Marcus Kage knows something beyond the obvious is going on with these women’s murders.  After finding a business card on the latest victim pointing him in the direction of Furyous Ink, Marcus discovers something far beyond a possible suspect.  The moment that Meg and Marcus lay eyes upon one another, the sparks ignite out of control and the two cannot deny the pull and electricity when they are near.

Marcus is a Lycanos, an incredibly honorable and steadfast male.  He has suffered 200 longs years of guilt and torment for something that he thought he created.  Meg sees beyond this self torture and knows that Marcus is a pure soul.  When their heat and passion for one another leads to each marking the other, will Marcus learn to accept himself, let himself free to love and can he save Meg from her own guilt before it literally eats her alive?

Though Furyous Ink is a shorter story, it is constantly action-packed, heat-filled and contains some twists and turns that will surprise readers.  I truly loved both characters of Marcus and Meg – they were brought to life incredibly well and the heat that they felt for one another fairly rolled from the pages.  The story itself was incredibly appealing to me – I loved the suspense, mystery and heated romance combined into a delicious read.  This was one of those stories that once I began, I could not stop reading and wanted to find out what was going to happen next.

Steamy and heat-filled, Furyous Ink will make you catch your breath more than once.  Written in a way that the heat level is high, there is nothing offensive to the steamy scenes.  This is a sweet, raging, mind-blowingly combustive relationship at its best.  Though this was the first book by Saranna DeWylde that I have read, it will not be my last.  I really enjoyed her style of writing, her ability to bring the characters to life and her talent for crafting a story that truly pulled me in and came to life for me.  For lovers of steamy paranormal, I highly recommend Furyous Ink by Saranna DeWylde!  An excellent way to kick back, relax and enter the world of sexy Alpha males, sassy Furys and so much more for an evening!

On a side note: LOVE the cover!!  So steamy, sizzling and just plain yummy!!

Quote:  He smiled, baring his sharp, white teeth at the Fury.  She’d asked, so she would get the bold truth.  “I’ll be honest with you, Megaera.  You appeal to my beast.  More than what’s healthy for either one of us, I’m sure.”

“Since we’re both feeling confessional, your beast appeals to me, too.”  She licked her full lips, the moisture causing them to glisten in the early morning light.  “So where does that leave us, Lycanos?”