Review: For Her Pleasure by Maya Banks

For Her Pleasure by Maya Banks
Release Date: September 4, 2007
Publisher: Berkley Heat
Pages: 360
Source: Purchased



When it comes to sensation, be careful what you wish for. The pleasure can become addictive.

What a woman needs…

It was a nice set up: on spirited woman like Kit Townsend and two buddies like Ryder and Mac. Kit never did follow the rules — especially nonsense like “three’s a crowd.” So, for a while, everything was easy and hot — a no-strings threesome in and out of the bedroom. Kit never thought she’d be giving Mac the edge. When love puts a kink in sex, is there such a thing as a happy ending?

What a woman craves…

Mia Nichols was a sweet Dallas girl with big dreams for the future when she first met Texas Ranger Jack Kincaid. A lot has changed since that fairy tale. Framed for drug possession, Mia’s now being forced to work undercover at a strip joint where several girls have disappeared into the sex-slave underworld. Then, into the club walks Jack, who’s got one more chance to prove himself as Mia’s protector, savior and lover…


Review: I’ve had this book sitting on my bookshelf for years. I bought it because I’ve enjoyed some of Ms Banks other books, namely Colters’ Woman. As we begin to set up this new blog, I figured I’d tackle some of these books I own, but never found the time to read.

To start off, the blurb on this book is a little misleading. What the reader doesn’t know when getting this book is that the story is actually broken into the novellas. Each can kinda stand on their own, but they are definitely connected and should be read in order. The first two novellas are about the Kit-Ryder-Mac triangle and the last is Mia and Jack. Mia gets introduced in the second story as Ryder’s friend.

So let’s start with Kit, Ryder and Mac. The three grew up together and then the boys left town after high school to well, grow up. But they left Kit behind. When this story starts, they’re all back in their small town in Texas and Kit is recovering from rape and is being stalked by her unknown assailant. The three friends, who have each secretly been wanting and loving each other (well, except for Ryder and Mac… they’re just friends… there’s no m/m action in the book), decide they’re going to enter into a threesome.

A couple things had me shaking me head. First was the mystery of the rapist. I thought it was too obvious for me as a reader. There weren’t enough characters introduced for it not to be glaring. And even though I know that Kit was traumatized by the event, it just seemed rather hard to believe that she didn’t recognize his voice when he would call or his handwriting on the notes. But, as I said, she was affected by the event. Which brings me to point number two. This book is taking place about 6 months following the rape and I found that Kit was pretty darn trusting . I know that Ryder and Mac are her two best friends and men she’s known and trusted for much of her life, but at the same time I would just think that she’d have more issues about what was going on in the bedroom with these two dominant men.

Novella one is about the three getting together and Mac and Kit declaring love. Novella two, which is pretty much ignored in the blurb, probably because it could spoil things, is about Ryder trying to come to grips with the fact that he really loves Kit but doesn’t want to come between her and Mac, but also can’t continue their threesome. Obviously they have things to work out and Ms Banks throws in a couple twists and turns since the road to a happy ending can’t be simple.

And then novella three is about Mia and Jack. Mia was Ryder’s shoulder to cry on during the second novella and now we get her story. This is where the blurb is really wonky for me. It talks about her working undercover and disappearing girls… well, it didn’t happen. Yes, she was framed for drug possession and in return for not going to jail she ended up working in a strip joint and as the story progresses, it goes downhill from there. She was blackmailed into being there. And not until they’re breaking up this sex-slave ring is it mentioned that Mia wasn’t the first to be duped. Jack is a Texas Ranger who disappeared the night after he and Mia first made love and now he’s back. She’s never gotten over him and surprisingly (to me at least) when he comes knocking on her door two years later, she welcomes him with open arms.

I had several problems with this story. First, it wasn’t long enough. There was a lot that could have been explored and expanded on. In particular was the trust issue. I think Mia trusted Jack way too easily after being abandoned two years prior. And then Ms Banks alluded to the fact that Jack was a Dom, but outside of a scene where it was mostly for show, it wasn’t explored. And then due to the length, everything was wrapped up in a tidy bow was too soon.

What saved this book for me were the steamy sex scenes. Ms Banks does know how to write a good menage… and the one on one scenes were enjoyable as well. But when putting these scenes in context with the book as a whole, I found them a little harder to believe. And mixed in with all the emotions that are explored (particularly within the men), it was smoking.

I really wanted to like this book. But, as you can tell I had some issues with it. This is one of Ms Banks earlier novels and I think it showed in this book. But I do enjoy her books, so I won’t be giving up on her any time soon.






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