Review: Fire Demon by K.B. Forrest

Fire Demon by K.B. Forrest
Series: Fire Chronicles (# 2)
Release Date: July 1, 2012
Publisher:  Devine Destinies
Pages: 137
Source:  Publisher

Korin feared a real fight. She’d had so little training, but her inner demon took over before she could be killed. Now she is terribly scarred, inside and outside. But now she is also a feared general and the head of the rebels. Zohak has fallen prey to madness, having accepted the forbidden fruit of power. He is also a slave to the same devil who entrapped Vorak, only he is also possessed by the demon snake-dragon Kaliya. He now feeds on terror-literally. Only Korin can stop Zohak’s reign of terror, but he calls upon Vorak to lrad his armies. When confronted with such a challenge, Korin fights with Vorak, who spirits her away. He simply cannot resist her. The unexpected awaits them both as they manage to form a plan to vanquish the Devil Eblise and win freedom for themselves and for the kingdom.


Review:  Fire Demon gave a new outlook to the story.

I learned more about Korin in this book. It started explaining in more detail and I wasn’t in the dark anymore. I can say that I really enjoyed this book and got into the storyline more.

You understand why Antiochus worked Korin hard. Everything has more meaning. I believe that it could’ve all been one book instead of two. The first book gave nothing about any of the characters while the second explained everything.

It’s a book about good versus evil. You just get surprised on whose on the good side. People start joining forces and you have a wonderful fighting scene at the end. You also couldn’t have picked the outcome.

Even though I had my suspicions on what Korin was, I was still surprised. I never got bored and I enjoyed the storyline better in this book. My attention never strayed and I didn’t have to make myself finish reading the book.

Thanks for the adventure in Fire Demon. It had just a sweet feeling to it. I was hoping for a little more, but was satisfied.