Review: Felise by Aubrey Ross

Felise by Aubrey Ross
Series: Mystic Keepers (# 8)
Release Date: September 9, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 98
Source:  Publisher

Felise of Zylott is furious when she learns her brother King Sef has contracted her to join with Jarek, a powerful Mystic Keeper. With the evil Setti closing in, an alliance between Zylott and the Mystic Keepers has never been more important. Still, Felise refuses to be used. Determined to escape the unwanted bonding, Felise convinces Tork, a shapeshifting sorcerer, to impersonate Jarek and spirit her away. Unbeknownst to Felise, Tork is Jarek, and he is only too happy to “rescue” his reluctant mate.

Amused yet annoyed by Felise’s determination to avoid him, Jarek uses all his erotic skills to soothe and seduce his uncertain bride. He has ached to claim her for weeks and now there’s no reason to hold back. But Felise is no frightened virgin. She responds with dizzying passion, unashamed of her sexuality. Their bodies understand that they’re meant for each other, but trust is much harder to achieve.


Review:  I have been waiting for the eighth book of the Mystic Keepers. I really enjoyed it.

I have learned even more new customs in this book. The Zylott’s have a bathing custom that I don’t know if I would like or not. Maybe if I had grown up with it I could like it more. They have bathing assistants of the opposite sex. They can bring you pleasure but it has to be by tongue, fingers, or words. They are not allowed to take their clothes off.

Felise is a strong woman. She isn’t about to bow down to her brother and mate with someone she doesn’t know. The only thing that she doesn’t know is she enlist the help of her future mate in a disguise. He doesn’t keep her in suspense for long.

Jarek wants Felise to come to him and trust him. He also needs to see if she can deal with his sexual nature, if not then it would never work. He’s into the BDSM thing. To have that kind of relationship you have to trust in each other. Watching them learn to trust each other was great.

I felt that the story was a little rushed. To break up the series in so many books, I thought that it should’ve taken longer to kill the evil Setti. I was disappointed in that. I know that some of the characters in the series that we meet will be in a different series. I like that I can learn about the people that I just barely got to know.

So all in all I can say that I was truly happy with this series. I hate that some good people had to be killed. I guess that’s how you make a great story. Some times good people have to die to find out what is really going on. Makes for a better plot.

I have found a new author. I can’t wait to read even more of her books. I’m glad that I took the time and read the series in order and I learned a lot by doing that. So I would recommend that you read the series in order.




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  1. Wow, Crystal, thanks so much for reviewing the Mystic Keeper series. I’m glad you were able to read all of them in order. It really does make the adventure more fun. Take care.

    • Crystal Newman says:

      Thank you I really enjoyed every single one of them. It’s not often I get to read the whole series starting with the first and finishing them in order. Thanks for letting me read them.

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