Review: Exile’s Longing by Rebecca Airies

Exile’s Longing by Rebecca Airies
Release Date: July 8, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 276
Source:  Publisher

Bianca Bryant is back in Louisiana seeking help to destroy the Beast hunting her, but it’s the last place she wants to be. Immediate attraction bursts into flame the moment she meets gorgeous twin alphas Matt and Max, but discovering they’re her mates is horrifying. Hot sex with them is one thing-a future is another. She’s not sure she can trust men in power, much less the sons of the man who sent her into exile.

Matt and Max Vargus are thrilled to find their mate, but the wariness in her eyes confuses them. Resisting the fierce urge to claim her immediately, they seduce her slowly, showing her that she’s found a home, family and men to stand by her side. But danger still stalks Bianca and they’ll have to fight to protect her.


Review:  Exile’s Longing is a wonderful hot story.

Bianca has been without family since she was thirteen years old. Since she couldn’t shape-shift like everyone in the clan could, her father and other men in the clan came up with a plan to trade Bianca for the alpha’s sons. She was mistreated for three years and ran away when she was seventeen.

Max and Matt are tiger shape-shifters. They are the alpha’s of Bianca’s clan now since their father’s are dead. They come along with one of Bianca’s brothers to help her with the Beast that is after her.

When the three meet guess what happens? Yep they are mates. Now honestly I couldn’t imagine myself in Bianca’s shoes. Having to come back to the clan that turned her out and never wanted her to return. I understand how hard it would be for her to trust after going through that.

The author did a wonderful job showing all the feelings that Bianca is going through. Having to meet her brother before she’s ready, finding her mate and worst of all it’s two mates instead of one.

Even with all this going on she also has some men after her that wants to use her powers to form their own clan. What’s a woman to do? Me I would be running away screaming and going somewhere that no one would ever find me.

There is only one menage scene in Exile’s Longing. There are scenes with one on one. The passion that is between the three of them is so hot. I enjoyed watching Matt and Max take things slow so that Bianca could get used to everything.

I would recommend this hot read to anyone who loves to read about two brothers helping a woman come to grips with being their mate. Explosive sex scenes and having the suspense of getting rid of a Beast.

I was left hoping that I get to find out how Bianca does meeting her siblings. Maybe there will be another book.