Review: Elita by Aubrey Ross

Elita by Aubrey Ross
Series:  Mystic Keepers (# 7)
Release Date: August 26, 2011
Publisher:  Ellora’s Cave
Pages: 72
Source:  Publisher

Accused of rape and murder, Tye, a wily Zylott spy, knows his life is forfeit. His only hope is Light Keeper Elita, and she is devasted to learn he’s a spy. Much to Tye’s surprise, Elita provides him with an alibi, shredding her reputation in the process. Tye does the honorable thing and offers to marry her, never dreaming she’ll accept.

Elita welcomes Tye into her bed, but her heart is strictly off limits. Sensing the passionate woman locked within her icy reserve, Tye eases past her emotional defenses with tender kisses and teasing caresses. They might be locked in a battle of wills, yet each kiss, each touch, each shattering release brings her closer to surrender.


Review:  In the seventh Mystic Keepers book there is a setti who is taking over male bodies to when they are having sex with females. When the setti’s essence is put into the woman then they depend on them. When they don’t have it they start losing themselves. They want more and more.

When Tye is meeting with his brother, a Keeper is taken and raped and dies. Tye is the one who is charged and also the rape of another Keeper. Elita was in his room when he was blamed and seen everything that happened. So she steps up and tells everyone that she was with him.

This series would be very complicated and I would be lost if they weren’t read in order. I wouldn’t know what was really going on. That makes me glad that I started reading with the first and working my way to the last one.

There are Mystic Keepers, Guardians, Sorcerers, and Setti’s. With all these people and everything else going on sometimes it’s hard for me to follow along. There are so many people and everyone is in each story is kin to someone else in another story.

I enjoy the series because of all the excitement and suspense in finding out who is the master mind that is behind everything that is going on. I’m glad that everyone is finding the right mates for them. Some have had to really come through a lot.

There will be a lot of changes that will have to be made for everyone. The Keepers start realizing that what they have been told about the Zylott’s is wrong. Let’s hope that everyone can start working together and become one to get rid of the evil that is going on.

Well I’m off to read the last book in the series. I can’t wait to see what will happen. So happy reading everyone.