Review: Betty Being Bad by Jean Paradis

Betty Being Bad by Jean Paradis
Release Date: June 1, 2011
Publisher:  Red Sage Presents
Pages: 78
Source:  Author

Betty Walker and her longtime on and off musician boyfriend are currently ‘off,’ and the only male excitement in her life comes from her twice a month visits to her old friend Carson, in prison. They share their most intimate fantasies, describing in detail the things they’d like to do to each other. The day Carson is released he heads straight for Betty with every intention of making her fantasies come true.

The moment Betty sees Carson walk into her antique store she knows she’s in trouble. How is she going to tell him that the game they play is just that, a game? Betty’s resistance doesn’t last long. In no time at all the sign on the door is turned to closed, and Betty is showing Carson what he’s wanted to see for a very long time, right there on the counter. Soon after, she’s offering him a job for the Christmas season, and worrying that she’s making a mistake even as even as she says the words.

Carson has been in town for only a few days when there’s a robbery in the neighborhood, and Betty’s ex tells her he saw Carson near the scene of the crime. Carson claims to have conquered his gambling habit, and Betty knows that he’s no common criminal, and yet she’s afraid that her ex may have been right all along, that trusting a man who has been incarcerated is a really bad idea.


Review:  Betty Being Bad is a book that is about sometimes the people you trust are the one’s that you shouldn’t.

Betty is a woman that owns a shop and some people might think it’s bad stuff but she really sells antiques. She goes and sees her friend of twenty-three years in prison for having a gambling problem.

Carson wonders when he gets out of jail if he will be able to go the straight and narrow. To be able to kick the gambling problem. He also suffers from insomnia. The way he acts would make any one suspicious. Walking at all parts of the night and disappearing.

I enjoyed this book. It deals with all kinds of different things. You deal with gambling, drugs, relationships, and stealing. There is a lot of messages in this book. You might need to watch the people you trust and the people that you think has something to hide could be something that isn’t bad at all.

You also look at the relationships that you have and wonder did you just let your life settle with what you had. Do you want to start a family or are you happy with what you have.

I liked Carson because he is a man that deals with real life situations. He went to jail because he had a gambling problem. He lost everything in his life. His wife and unborn child. He wonders if he can stay ahead of his problem and make something of himself.

I enjoyed the games that Betty and Carson played. Betty never knew that they would really come true. It’s not just about the sex either. But it does have really good sex scenes;  some whipping is involved. It gets pretty exciting because you never know what they will end up doing.

Thanks for a story that deals with real life situations and for writing a great story with great characters.