Review: A Plain And Simple Heart by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith

A Plain And Simple Heart by Lori Copeland and Virginia Smith
Series:  The Amish Of Apple Grove (# 2)
Release Date: September 1, 2012
Publisher:  Harvest House
Pages: 320
Source:  Publisher

1884—Several years earlier, young Rebecca Switzer lost her heart to Jesse Montgomery, a rugged but dissolute cowboy on a dusty cattle trail near the Amish settlement of Apple Grove. Now she is grown up, and when she hears one day that he has been spotted nearby, her desire is plain and simple: She must see him.

Sheriff Colin Maddox is counting the days until he can leave law enforcement and follow his dream of starting a church. When a lovely woman, new to town and looking travel weary and a bit lost, gets caught up in the middle of a temperance riot, she is arrested along with the leaders. He can hardly believe she is what she claims—a Plain and simple woman. Nor can he believe how quickly he loses his heart to her. Can Colin convince her to forget Jesse and give him a chance?


Review:  Having read many of Lori Copeland’s previous books, I am always looking for a new one to read. I love her writing style and messages that she weaves into the stories. They are always full of heart and inspiration. So, when she teamed up with another talented author, Virginia Smith, to create an awesome new Amish series, The Amish Of Apple Grove, I jumped on the chance to read them. I fell in love with book 1, The Hearts Frontier, and anxiously awaited the chance to review book 2, A Plain And Simple Heart. That chance finally came, and I must tell you that I am not, in anyway disappointed with the results! The Switzer family and the wild west frontier collide once again, bringing readers an entertaining look at life on the western front, and the simple living of the Amish.

A Plain And Simple Heart is Rebecca Switzer’s story. We meet her in book 1, the younger sister of Emma Switzer. When she laid eyes on a hunky cowboy then, she fell in love, just like her big sister did. Trouble is, he’s rugged and won’t settle down. She’s plain and wants to win his heart. Finding a chance to do just that she sets out to find him. But, her plans go haywire when she’s arrested. And she just may learn that sometimes God’s plans are different than yours.

Sheriff Colin Maddox is a sweet character! I fell in love with him instantly. He was the perfect character to try and steal Rebecca’s heart! When he first sets eyes on her, he’s shocked to learn that she’s Amish….and being arrested. Even worse, she has her sites set on the rugged, handsome cowboy Jesse Montgomery. The more he’s around Miss Emma, though, the more he looses his heart. All he wants to do now is convince the plain and simple hearted woman that he would suit her more perfectly than Jesse. But, will she see what God has in store for them?

I loved reading this one every bit as much as book 1. These books are filled with humorous moments, sweet Amish hearts, and handsome cowboys. Through the writing style of Ms. Copeland and Ms. Smith, readers are taken on an inspiring ride of learning to trust in God to show the way, and that sometimes love can be found in the most unexpected ways. I definitely recommend this book with the highest of praises! It’s a fun twist on Amish life and adds lots of adventure the wild west! I can’t wait until April of 2013….that’s when Emma and Rebecca’s friend Katie Miller gets her chance at a story in A Cowboy At Heart!



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