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Hello and welcome! Writer’s get asked all the time, “Where do you get your ideas?” I think the most common answer is “Anywhere and Everywhere!” Two of mine came from similar places; a newspaper event title, and a band name. Okay, maybe not so similar, unless you count the fact that each only consists of a few words to spark my imagination.

If Tombstones Could Talk was the newspaper event title, and my initial idea was for two live people to meet in the cemetery on a walking tour. My characters had other plans and one decided to be a ghost, but it worked out okay.

Chasin’ Mason is the band name. For that one I remember hearing it and immediately thinking it would make a catchy book title. Once I decided that Mason was a horse and the main characters were chasin’ him in a competition to win the family ranch, I was all set to go. I did double check if the band had copyrighted or trademarked their name like Rascal Flatts, and if they had, I’d have named the book Rules of the Game. (By the way, Chasin’ Mason the band is great! Definitely check out their music.)

Those are just two examples of where my ideas come from. Other times it’s a dream, or something funny I heard on the radio–or a childhood memory of my dad playing Santa Clause. I took that one and made him Santa Butch, a crafty, matchmaking old guy who may or may not be the real deal. He features in my upcoming Romancing Wisconsin Series in 3 re-release holiday stories, and we’ll probably see him in future stories as well.

Today I’d like to challenge readers and authors alike. Who knows, it might inspire you to start writing, or be your next book!

Challenge: Post either a band name or short song title you think would make a great book title, and then give us up to a 3 line story blurb.

First prize wins a signed print copy of CHASIN’ MASON*.
2 bonus runner ups will receive an ebook copy of If Tombstones Could Talk

(* print book mailed in US/Canada. If winner is international, ebook will be substituted.)
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Here’s a short excerpt from Chasin’ Mason to whet your appetite:

When his father announced his engagement to a gold-digger with a lying, scheming fourteen-year old daughter, seventeen-year old Tripp Warner left Warner Ridge Ranch and never looked back. Until the day he got the phone call that his father had died unexpectedly.

Reggie Reed lives with her guilt every day but can’t quite work up the courage to track down the son of the man who raised her as his own. When Tripp shows up at his father’s funeral eleven years later–and a hell of a man to be reckoned with–he has no interest in her too-late apology. Worse, they’ve inherited half shares of the family ranch—but only if they work together to catch Mason’s Gold, the stallion a young Reggie let escape and made sure Tripp took the blame for.

Tripp proposes a secret competition to the beautiful witch who stole his life: whoever catches the stallion first gets the ranch all to themselves. It sounds simple, but once they’re out on the range, tempers and passions flare in the Texas heat and nothing goes as either of them expects.



“I have a proposition for you.”

She couldn’t help it, her gaze went straight to the bed.  Just as fast she snapped it back up to his face.  “A what?”

He lifted one nicely muscled shoulder in a careless gesture that didn’t fool her one bit when she considered the calculating gleam in his eyes.

“Maybe competition is the better word.”

“And what exactly would we be competing for?” she asked.

“The ranch.”

Reggie would’ve laughed, except he was dead serious.  She crossed her arms.  “What have you got in mind?”

“Who ever catches Mason wins everything, simple as that.  Loser leaves.”

Her stomach gave a sickening lurch.  This is why he agreed to the terms of the will.  She knew he’d flipped to the other side too fast.  But Ernesto hadn’t lied when he said she’d been trying to catch the stallion for years, though how he knew about it, she’d love to know.  No way did she want to go up against Tripp like this, not with the ranch at stake.  Mason was smarter than any horse she’d known.

Tripp stepped closer, crowding her personal space as he leaned in and taunted, “Afraid you can’t catch him?”



You can pick up a copy of CHASIN’ MASON here:


Thanks so much for stopping by and I’m looking forward to reading YOUR ideas!


Award-winning author, Stacey Joy Netzel

I fell in love with books at a young age, so for me the graduation to writing them was natural. An avid reader and fan of movies with a happily ever after, I live in my native Wisconsin with my husband and three children, a couple horses and some barn cats. In my limited free time I enjoy gardening, canning, and visiting my parents in Northeastern Wisconsin (Up North) at the family cabin on the lake.

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6 thoughts on “Guest & Contest: Stacey Joy Netzel

  1. Jen B. says:

    Well, you didn’t say that it had to have a happy ending so….
    Lyin From You by Linkin Park
    The young woman despartely wants to throw off the life forced on her by her comanding family. That includes a marriage she never wanted. She pretends with all of her might to be what is expected while secretly planning her new life and freedom. Once she breaks free she discovers that the world is full of restrictions. But in the end she is happy to be on her own.
    Like I said, not a fuzzy ending but reasonable.

  2. bn100 says:

    Hummingbird heartbeat by Katy Perry
    A heroine can shape-shift into a hummingbird. One day, she shifts into a hummingbird and is captured for a princess as a pet. The heroine’s abilities are discovered by the princess’ fiancee who rescues her and they live happily ever after.

  3. JoAnne says:

    Paradise Fears for the Band name

    I’m in Paradise or so I’ve been told by my family and the townspeople. But why can’t I shake this feeling of doom? That something bad is going to happen at any moment?

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