Review: Wolf In Waiting by Shyla Colt

Wolf In Waiting by Shyla Colt
Series: Blackburn Falls (# 1)
Release Date: December 1, 2011
Publisher:  Breathless Press
Pages: 43
Source:  Publisher

A shape shifter unable to shift and a male shifter next in line for the throne shouldn’t mix, but the passion between them transcends all.

A shape shifter who can’t shift sounds like a punch line to a joke. But for Luz Dryden it’s a complicated reality. The one bright light in her life has been her long-time love Kalyx Hunter.

Kalyx shares her strange malady and worships Luz with a passion that overshadows everything else. When Kalyx shifts unexpectedly, Luz flees Blackburn Falls and vows to never look back.

Five years later she’s forced back to her home town for her sister’s wedding, and Kalyx is determined to convince her they belong together. Luz fights him at every turn, but her body’s needs overrides her will.

Kalyx is prepared to take on anyone who tries to keep them apart. But neither anticipated the twisted web of deceit and betrayal they would find themselves tangled in.


Review:  Ms. Colt does a great job of getting her story out in so few pages. Kalyx and Luz were once young lovers and the best of friends. They shared everything even down to the fact they were non-shifters.

As Kalyx shifts late his parents send Luz on her way saying they would take care of him. Years later she comes back for her sister’s wedding were once again she encounters Kalyx.

The strong characters that Ms. Colt created along with their equally strong issues make for a fast paced story filled with raw emotions along with HOT SEX scenes that border on being very tender and sensuous.

As they work together they find that they are still the best fit for each other. With the help of Kalyx grandmother they finally are able to fulfill their destiny.

I enjoyed the concept of the story but found that it was too short for my liking. As Ms. Colt tries to cram as much as she can into the story I felt it was a little rushed but overall a really entertaining story. Of course I would have loved to have had it much longer I still enjoyed it.