Review: When Love Comes My Way by Lori Copeland

When Love Comes My Way by Lori Copeland
Release Date: June 1, 2012
Publisher:  Harvest House Publishers; Expanded edition
Pages: 304
Source:  Publisher

From bestselling author Lori Copeland, When Love Comes My Way is a love story about redemption, forgiveness, and renewed spiritual awakenings set against the backdrop of scenic Upper Peninsula, Michigan, in the days when pine was king.

Michigan, 1873–As Tess Wakefield wakes from a frightening wagon accident, she discovers she has lost her memories. In her recovery, she loses her heart as well to handsome lumberjack Jake Lannigan. It’s not a two-way street, though. Jake thinks he knows exactly who she is–the spoiled Wakefield Timber heir–but he believes the accident provides the means to show her that she has a responsibility to replant the trees and not to merely invest her inheritance opening another of her silly millinery shops.

Then he slowly he begins to fall in love with her. Jake wants to tell Tess the truth, but before he can her true identity is uncovered, and then both of them find the emotional stakes too high. Will God intervene and show this headstrong couple that only He in His wisdom could have paired them together?


Review:  This is an inspirational historical romance that takes place in the 1870’s that kept my interest from beginning to end although I wasn’t sure at the start that it would. It took about 25 pages before I felt the pull into the storyline and my attention totally captured. Once I got past the scene setting and background information it was an easy read that had all the elements I like – great character and plot development, friends, romance, love, and adventure. There was some sadness and tears but also laugh out loud moments along with several happily ever afters.

Since this was an inspirational story there were references to God along with many prayers to him for various reasons but it enhanced the plot and didn’t detract from it. The descriptions of the logging camp and surrounding areas were so vivid I felt I was there.

Tess wasn’t very likable in the beginning especially when learning about her society life in Philadelphia and desires through her letters to Jake Lannigan, the foreman at the timber company she owned in Michigan. She also wasn’t very endearing on the wagon ride to the camp. Once I got to “know” her, her strengths came out and she wasn’t the air headed socialite I thought she was. She and Jake had immediate chemistry and fought like cats and dogs but they both resisted it until the very end although there were signs of weakening on both sides earlier on.  The epilogue gave nice closure, but I would have loved a few more chapters.

I haven’t read books by Copeland before but if this is her caliber of writing with a light hand on the inspirational side I will be adding her to my TBR pile.

Favorite Quote:  “It is true, why is it so hard for you to understand why building a new schoolhouse is important to me? I won’t be here forever, but like your dream, I want to leave something for future generations It’s important to me!” She was a dismal failure at teaching, so she had to leave something behind to prove that she’d been there.